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Jun 24, 2011
We just got our first casepacks of Christmas product of the year off the truck today! Got about 5 or 6 cases of tree stands...LOL:laugh4:
Us too. Jeez louise... three months out.
Some early Christmas planograms set the week of 9/18. This includes Christmas accessories, lights, and decor.
Well, I'm getting lead pipe and bashing my skull in until I have forgotten everything about this company.

Should take at least two whacks.
LOL we got a few tree stands in too. The only thing I hate about Christmas is the fact that we seem to enjoy it so soon. By the time normal people are ready for Christmas, I'm just ready for it to be over.
Since I no longer scan the truck I don't know what we get in unless it comes to the floor to be pushed. (Unless I see pallets in the backroom when I go back there to backstock.) What kinda gets on my nerves is when we get holiday items in after it goes clearance. I wouldn't mind so much just a few boxes, but when you get 20, 30, 50 boxes in?? Geeze Louise, isn't that a bit much?
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