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Apr 19, 2012
I need a refresh. What are the codes called over the walkie?

Code Green - is that spill I think?
Code Yellow - missing child?
Code Red - Injury?

I never had to bother with using a walkie since I was a cashier. Been a while since orientation. Could use a refresher.

Also who handles a spill. I have never been trained to clean up a spill. I know it depends where it is but if I start training as GSA I'm going to need to learn who to call for them if they are reported. Thanks.
Green = Injury
Yellow = missing child
Red = Fire

I'm 99% sure there's no actual code for a spill. As for who can clean it up, anybody can clean up food type spills. As for ESIM items such as nail polish, it's technically supposed to only be somebody that has done the hazard training. Which would be cart attendants and leadership I believe.
Well, when you call a code its protocol to say "Code ____, Code ____, Code ____"

If its Code Green, its a TM/Guest Injury. So you'd say "Code GREEN, Code GREEN, Code GREEN @ Check Lane 7" for example.

If its Code Yellow, its a missing child. You'll want to call it 3 times immediately. Right after you'll want to get a description of the child from the guest. Age/Gender/Clothing/Race are 4 good indications. Usually as a GSA, you'll watch the front doors. Cart Attendants check bathrooms. When the child is located, you'll say "Cancel Code YELLOW, Cancel Code YELLOW, Cancel Code Yellow."

Code Red is actually a fire. During a fire, each TM/TL/ETL has a specific role and you should have the role breakout in multiple locations in your store, such as spill stations and Guest Service.

For a spill: You're going to want to have someone stand and block it off so no guest traffic goes through it, while having someone locate cleaning supplies for it (depending on what the spill is). If you're becoming a GSA then you'll require hazardous materials quiz on your training.
When the child is located, you'll say "Cancel Code YELLOW, Cancel Code YELLOW, Cancel Code Yellow."

A slight correction, don't cancel the Code Yellow until the child is reunited with the parent. It's a very bad situation to have people stop looking for a missing child if you didn't actually find the right one. Also, never say the child's name over the walkie.

As for Code Greens, if something caused the incident/injury (spill, fallen merchandise, broken fixture, etc.) do not clean it up or fix it. The LOD needs to take pictures for evidence.
Code Yellow:

^varies by my experience, the person who called the code yellow Washington generally.the person who cancelled it upon verification by parent/guardian that the right child was located. As a former LOD this was how things were and never once was there an issue.
for a spill regular team members can only clean up water and food. So no pop, vinegar, etc. If you're a gsa you'll take the hazard training so you can clean up whatever. Normally if i see a spill i will call out that i need help with a spill and the location and if a regular team member comes i will have them block it off while i go get supplies to clean it up. They can assist you cleaning it up once you start but otherwise they cannot touch it without you.
Code brown, in the restroom.
Whip out the hazmat gear.

Thanks to all that responded. Useful information.

Is this code brown really a code? LOL. Very fitting. If so I never knew it was. When I'm working the service desk I always just state that the bathrooms are in unserviceable conditions and I need to address it and ask if she can cover if the photo lab team member is not there or able to cover.
Not an official code, but if you say it and nod your head, people will understand.
Code brown is a popular (although unofficial term), but sometimes I'll refer to it as an SUV (shot, urine, vomit). Covers more ground that way.
Used code Blue for children standing up in shopping carts.
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