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Sep 20, 2011
I think this was already answered but I can't find the thread to save my life. What classes will target reimburse you for? Registering for classes yay!

Irony I can get promoted if I graduate but unless I quit my job I can’t take enough classes to graduate on time and if I quit my job I can’t pay for school. Yay for being stuck a TL for a long time. Love you target…
They will pay for majority of classes, you just have to word it on how it will benefit your development with Target.
Ok well that shouldn't be to hard it's a sign language class I'm looking into...which totally improves the guest experience :) my other classes I'm not going to even try...

And I looked on the website they don't have a specific list sad day
Any fellow TLs know how that works exactly?

From targetpayandbenefits:

You have to be a tl, Sr ap, facilities mgt tm's, pharmacy student or tl, or dc tm/tl to qualify.
Non exempt Tm must work at spot when course begins.
Non exempt Tm must be active with spot & working to get the reimbursement.
Courses must be approved by spot.
Max Amts:
3k for undergrad stuff
4k for grad stuff
5k for masters
Grades must be higher than c minus, too.
Call tmsc 800-394-1885 for more info.
But use ehr or, first.
I hope this helps!
I just applied for the first time this semester. You must submit a request for approval to apply for tuition reimbursment. This must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of class. Once approved, than you can submit a request for reimbursment of tuiton paid once the class ends and you can provide proof of paid tuition and acceptable grade.

Under the initial request for approval, you need the course description, cost of tuition (no student fees or books), date the course begins/ends, and how this course would benefit you and Target.

This can all be done online, but you could definitely call TMSC for more information.

Hope this helps.
Applying details.
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