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creepy guests

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by Stuckinsoftlines, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering if things like my lovely list below happen to anyone else or is it just my luck with the guests that walk into my store? One thing is for sure I’m super glad that we have a military guy for one AP and one very intimidating looking one and the third consistently checks up on us on the carpet. The thing that bugs me is I don’t dress remotely attractive at target. My red and kaki is big on me, I almost never do my hair it’s normally in a rubber band half the time I don’t wear any makeup and I don’t have Megan fox's body. So why are people so creepy and weird?

    A middle aged man got really close to me and inhaled very loudly and said you smell good girl.
    A lady (with a completely different body type then mine) asked me to try on clothes for her so she could see the fit on a real woman’s body.
    An elderly man liked to come in and watch me fold tables on my old closing night last semester.
    A few days before V-day a guy around my age asked me to hold up lingerie to my chest to see fit. He said I was the same size as his girlfriend
    An older lady told me I have great child baring hips and I’ll make any man happy in time
    A teenage boy asked me which condoms I prefer when I worked in hardliners.
    A woman turned to me and tried handing me a baby asking "can you hold this?" keyword this

    This is only the highlights off of my list. I’ve only been there a few years now and I just have to ask what is wrong with people? does anyone else have to deal with creeps?
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  2. doggygirl10

    doggygirl10 Instocks TM

    I've had creepy people but nothing like this. Sounds like your hotness brings all the creepers to the yard.
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  3. doggygirl10

    doggygirl10 Instocks TM

    What did you say to the lady who asked you to try on clothes?
  4. OP

    Stuckinsoftlines Member

    I'm sorry i'm not allowed to try on clothes while i'm on the clock. big smile. and bolted to the team lead office to "check my email"
  5. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    It's called 'soap'. Might try it some time.
    Sorry, I'm a transvestite.
    This ain't laundry I'm folding here & I don't need an audience!
    Your girlfriend's a tranny?
    I'm gay.
    Ask someone with a penis.
    No, I can't hold 'this'. Get a sitter next time.
  6. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    We have a few odd folks but nothing like that.
    The "Would you hold -this-." kinda bugs me too.
  7. OP

    Stuckinsoftlines Member

    hahahahaha....oh man i wish my answers were....

    i walked away really fast and found AP who taught me how to spider wrap for the next hour
    as i already said i'm not allowed to try on clothes on the clock and went to check my email
    i asked him if i could help him find something and then after a few moments went to another section to fold tables with another tm.
    no. and walked away.
    i said thank you and asked if i could help her find anything else off her baby registry
    i pointed to a ring on my finger and said purity ring sorry! You can ask the guys at pharmacy.
    and the last one was actaully the best i said um i'll be right back and never returned.
  8. SweetCashier1989

    SweetCashier1989 New Member

    Lol @ all of your situations. And I thought I was a weirdo magnet (i attract the weirdos outside of work, mostly though)

    I'll tell you about some of the creepy guests @ my store. Every single day, there's this man who looks like he's homeless eating in food ave. He's unshaven, has a long ponytail, wears a hat all the time and he sits in the same spot for long periods of time. Even though I don't work everyday, i figure that it's everyday bc everyday that I'm there, he comes at some point in the day
    . I
    Another food ave creep is this asian woman who comes in quite frequently. She's really short and wears this big red coat with the hood on her head and all. She looks like an eskimo. It doesn't matter how hot it is, she'll have that big red coat on, sitting in food ave, eating.

    A few days ago, I had so many rude guests that I volunteered to bring in carts from the parking lot so I wouldn't have to have any type of interactions with anyone because I was afraid I'd snap. After there were no more carts to bring in, I finally went back to my register. I was ringing this man up and he was staring at me the whole time and when I finally gave him his total, he said "I saw you out there pushing those carts. I was watching for a while. You're a beautiful young lady and you got everything going for you." How can you tell that someone has everything going for them just by watching them push carts???
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  9. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Maybe she's stashing something in that "big red coat".
    The guy may have thought that pushing carts was beneath you or that being pretty AND hard-working was a real plus.
  10. It is creepy to think that someone was watching you long enough to know you were out there - geez
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  11. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    I don't want to be alarmist but a coworker of my daughters was abducted at gunpoint from her job so if you feel uncomfortable enough -- you should mention it to the LOD or AP.
    In the case of my daughter's friend, the security cameras showed her leaving the building with the man holding her.
    Please if something like this ever happens, don't leave.
    Yell, scream, even if you think it will get you shot.
    There is very little chance that you will get away if you go with them.
    My daughter carries a 9mm Glock17 so I'm not too worried but I know that isn't an option for everyone.
    Don't just laugh off the really creepy people.
    If someone makes you truly uncomfortable, take that feeling seriously.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2012
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  12. OP

    Stuckinsoftlines Member

    Noted. Good advice. What happened bough was the coworker ok?
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  13. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    True words, commie. Good advice for everyone.
  14. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    No, she's still missing and it's been over two weeks.
  15. band_rules16

    band_rules16 Former Photo Great

    THIS. You should never feel uncomfortable at work. Three years ago, I was covering an operator break and a guest started hassling me on the phone. (it was the whole screening of the Wii calls back in the day.) The third time he called, he threatened to come in and hit me in the face for not letting him through to electronics. I hung up on him and called my TL and AP. It was one of my first shifts back there, so I was freaked out. I was put in hardlines for a month after that for precaution, and we filed a report with AP and the local police. Now if I have a guest that starts to get upset on the phone, I transfer them to the LOD right away. Even with guests at guest service who get upset over a return, I call the LOD. I often get the "needs to handle difficult guests better" on my reviews, but you should NEVER feel threatened. Our ETL-SL told me I could call her anytime to deal with guests like that.
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  16. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    We used to have an ETL that would come up at the drop of a hat to 'escort' anyone out who threatened us or behaved in an abusive manner at the service desk.
    Nowadays, they just hide in the back & ask us what the problem is over the walkie.
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  17. OP

    Stuckinsoftlines Member

    I'm so sorry please keep me posted on any news. I'll say a prayer for her and her family.
  18. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    She & her family are in our prayers, commie.
  19. buliSBI

    buliSBI Former Team Member

    I have heard stories about guys trying to walk into the women's dressing rooms.

    On numerous occasions, I have had drunk guests comment, "Dam*, you have fine bit**es working here..."

    AP has caught a few guys in the bathrooms and in the parking lot doing some self-gratification.
  20. dustbunny

    dustbunny Member

    I've had a few creepy guests come my way.

    I have one who likes to come up to me and call me pretty, then wander around the aisles I happen to be working in. I tend to head straight to the backroom when I see him.