Designer fun

I just read online feb 5th 2012 is the release date of Jason Wu's line! Clothing and accessories Softlines team members get pumped! Because if you thought missoni was fun...Think of how crazy the hype will be for the first lady's favorite designer

I'm so excited!


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So I guess I know what I'll be doing Feb 4th.
I hope the signs aren't too obnoxious to put up.
For that matter if everything sells out as fast as Missoni, I hope taking them down will be easy too.


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Yeh, we all had to take that.
I was stunned at the multiple tiers of "plan approvals" needed from store level on up the chain.
They must be planning some crazy stuff this yr....


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Apparently a store in my district did that last year on Black Friday and someone got trampled.
There's a video on (I think) YouTube of 2 people getting trampled from last year. It's funny because this one guy gets up and kind of leans on a railing for a few minutes then runs on into the store. Can't miss those BF deals!


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
After the Walmart debacle, I guess somebody's life isn't worth as much as a $27 DVD player until the court dictated otherwise.