Does your planogram team respond to back up, guest service calls, etc etc?

at my store we're too busy running toys (at least recently), pushing truck, backstocking, setting salesplanners/adjacencies, doing instocks, covering electronics, food ave, cash office, getting carts and getting call boxes to respond to backup every time. usually we only have 1/2 walkies spread between us all and we get the calls of the area we're working in. honestly, it would be difficult for pog to complete their workload (just like flow) if they constantly had to stop, climb down the ladder, and go to the front. if they get behind, it's hard to find folks who can easily set pogs, as opposed to finding someone else to help sf do gobacks. if it's extremely busy, we'll just pick someone to stay on a register.
that's just the nature of the beast and salesfloor people usually don't understand if they've never worked pog longer than a week (take this with a grain of salt from a 7 year sf veteran).
we're being scheduled as sf until 11ish (including boat/cashier coverage) with the same amount of hours for transition we've always had. i've been on both sides of the coin... if your pog team is good, they'll out work your sf team 2:1. if they suck or your etl dumps the leftover seasonal people on there, then best of luck. it also depends on the tl. just because you don't hear them doesn't necessarily mean they aren't asking cihyfs or helping guests before they push the callboxes, same as sf.


price change/instocks almost never responds in the morning at my store :/

we always get sales floor + softlines people
Plano Team never responds at my store. They are a team of 5-6 people (including the TL) and they only do their stuff. They want to be apart from the whole store on purpose, kinda like they're too cool for school.
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Our plano team and price accuracy team respond to calls, as well as take part in the "stop, drop, and zone," help with reshop, and help push CAFs in the morning when there is a lot left from the previous night....remember, one team, one strategy, one voice
Our plano and pricing teams generally have one walkie for the team. We don't have enough for everyone. That being said, they can't respond to what they don't hear. Salesfloor tms are supposed to be first responders. Instocks almost always responds second. Price accuracy rarely does except for their TL.
Our pricing and plano TLs are amazing at answering calls, but their teams never have walkies, so they usually don't respond. Our instocks team is fairly good at answering calls, though honestly sometimes I'll just wait and see if someone else will answer.
No, because if they go up, they would leave dangerous fixtures in the aisles.
But if more than one person on plano are working in the same area, at least one can stay on the floor to be around the fixtures. It won't be a problem.

At my store:
  • Plano: doesn't respond to the lanes, but they'll answer call boxes if they're really close.
  • Price change: responds.
  • Instocks: responds, but not so much before 11 am.

When our plano TL is the TLOD and leads huddle, she never sticks around for the huddle project. And more than once I've seen her call over a TM to assist a guest because she didn't want to. :nea:

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  • Plano: doesn't respond to the lanes, but they'll answer call boxes if they're really close.
  • Price change: responds.
This is true for us as well. Our plano team is like 5 people. We need all the time we can get, solely dedicated to our work. We have 450 some hours of transition to do next week, and it sure as hell won't get done if we're up at the lanes.

This actually isn't entirely accurate, we set Mini and the Bodega tables early, but still. One Spot, Toys, Bodega inline, another side of mini I think... plus all those salesplanners.


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Most of the plano team aren't trained on register and pretty much refuse to be.
I've been trained but haven't worked it in a like a year and a half.
Price change doesn't go up either.
We do answer call boxes.
Both teams are small and have huge work loads.
We wouldn't be able to get our work done if we had to backup lanes all the time.


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Our price, plano, and instock teams will respond to guest needs on the sales floor, including call boxes. They do not, however, respond to backup cashier requests. It simply wouldn't be smart for them to spend time on the lanes, when their hours are directly linked to their workload which MUST get done.
Ours do if the STL is in the store. When he's not, they spend copious amounts of time in the breakroom and having totally unprofessional conversations on the floor. They're SUPER productive, thorough, and the team lead is an exec favorite, so they mostly get a free pass. Pricing generally responds to both, since on any given day they strip a large part of the salesfloor to help the pricing TL.