Does your store/district do any good fun events?

Since we all work for Target we might as well bring up the cool parts too.

Last year our district put together a "field day" with a bunch of sports for us to play with all the stores in the area. It was a great time being able to hang out with fellow team members and even our DTL came out and had a good time. It's days like that when you remember you're working with other humans and not just robots programmed to drive you nuts.
Quite literally no, we do have some small stuff go on at the store level but most of that turns out to be more annoying then fun. I haven't seen anything out of district that suggests we are anything but numbers that can be easily replaced.
my store keeps it fresh and exciting by firing a random person at a random time. Of course they have "documented" incidents, but it's completely random and untimely.


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We haven't done anything in a long time and I don't expect that to change anytime. I asked if we could get a new TV for our breakroom because ours is on my second repair job and I was literally laughed at.

\Considering in the last three years we have had three murders related to our co-workers, you think they would do anything to raise moral...
bite your tongue talan123, there is no such thing as a target worker, ergo there are no "coworkers." Rather, we have TEAM MEMBERS!!! All hail targets stupid lingo!!!


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We do community events, the night outs, epilepsy run, cancer walk, baseball game for disabled vets, stuff like that.


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My old Super had a community event. The store would bring in jump gyms/ball pits for the kids. A dunk tank; if you dunk an ETL you get entered into a drawing for a gift card. Then all the ETLs hosted a progressive dinner at their houses for TMs going on their every 5th year of service.

My original store would do holiday events on a regular basis. They did pizza for the Super Bowl. Turkey on Black Friday. Ham for Day afer Christmas. Hamburgers for the 4th....

Last store...started out pizza on heavy hit holidays. But the last group of ETLs didn't do a thing. Not even Black Friday.
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previously I was in two stores that were amazing,we went bowling,nfl,nba,mlb games,walks, runs, barbeques movies,free tickets all the time as rewards and lots of them,at this time in my store and district nothing except the occasional food treats and if it a truck day the flow team make short work of that so there is usually none left by the time we go for lunch,nice......
We get free food in the break room sometimes. They cater it on black friday weekend and other holidays. Christmas eve we're going to have games where we can win prizes. Woot.
We have an unlimited supply of PB & J. Today we had McDonalds Dollar Menu Day. McMuffins, hash browns, and burritos for breakfast and McChickens, McDoubles, fries, and apple pies for later. Last month was Healthy Food Saturdays. Pizza every so often. Boston Market around Thanksgiving. Coffee, doughnuts once in a while. A few days ago was hot chocolate and tea. Breakfast every once in a while. Ice cream maybe twice a month. Soul food and tacos within the past few months.

I think I'm gonna lobby for Grilled Cheese Day with different types of cheeses. My Target feeds us well.