Drive up out of control

Jun 11, 2015
My problem with modernization is not that it creates barriers between departments, it's done the opposite of that, it's just the totally disingenuous attempt to disguise this as somehow better for the guest. I had to do the inclusion training a few weeks ago and they had to talk about modernization about being better for the guests because cashiers can now do some basic guest service functions (good, I suppose) and we on the floor don't have to call for someone on the backroom team when we need something using the Wave. Give me a fucking break. a) that hardly ever happened and b) I'd buy that if they had taken the dedicated backroom person and put them on the floor, vs taking our backroom people and moving them to the floor but keeping the same number of people on the floor as we had before at all time. So, instead of having 2-3 people in hardlines at night and 1 dedicated backroom person to do the pulls, backstock, bales, set the line, help with high up stuff, etc. while us on the floor push the batches, zone, reshop, help guests & back up the lanes, now there are two of us who have to pull the batches, push them, help guests, back up the lanes, zone, do reshop, freight and backstock. There is no universe in which you will convince me that it's better for our guests for me to spend a third or more of my time in the backroom, another chunk of it on the lanes leaving guests to ask the SFS/OPU people for help and they always pass people off to a floor TM ASAP because their pick goals don't include stopping to help guests who can't find anyone to help them because we're all in the fucking backroom or on the lanes.
Yeah pretty much as soon as I heard that, I knew it was a ruse. "We'll have more people out on the floor because truck is being pushed in the middle of the day now!" Um, no truck is being pushed in the middle of the day by the same number of TMs that used to be there just working the floor during the day to zone and push reshop, not to mention the elimination of pricing, POG (in addition to that of Flow). Also, we were pulling our own pulls which BR used to do.

With the company I'm with now, the employees that have been there a while say they're so tired and stressed, and I'm shocked because it's not close to what we were expected to do when I left spot.


AKA Pornesian Parrapio
Jan 29, 2016
Does anyone feel uncomfortable in the dark doing DU especially between 10pm and midnight? I don't feel comfortable walking up to dark cars/vans/suv's. Yes, I know lot's of people work as delivery people or night time cart attendants.
We had Drive Up last holiday season. I told AP as well as our GSTLs that if something expensive (think TV or game console) pulled up late at night, I would be calling for them to walk with me. They agreed.
Oct 7, 2019
So, if I'm setting an 8 hour pog, going up for backups, helping with carryouts, helping guests, and answering phones on the floor, I'm not helping do drive ups. Management will have to find another way.


Hitting All Items Scanned
Oct 3, 2018
Anyone else having an issue with drive-ups not being recorded as such. When looking at our sales data on MPM the figure for drive-ups has been ridiculously low, and it seems like the sales are being recorded as OPUs. I looked on Greenfield and the number of total drive-ups it says we've taken out for the week isn't even close to accurate. It's not even a single day's worth.