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Dec 1, 2011
I applied last Thursday (Dec 1) and was called to set up an interview (for Tuesday Dec. 6 ) on Friday. I broke my hand on Friday and was prescribed hydrocodone. I was given a job offer on Tuesday evening. I took a drug test on Wed. at 8 am (I was never asked about prescription medication) and forgot to tell them about the hydrocodone because I was nervous about my upcoming surgery which I went through at 10 am. Do you know how I would go about explaining this to HR if the test comes back positive?
Target is a drug free workplace! Even though they sell hydrocodone as well as much stronger drugs as well as have borderline creepy advertisments all over hba of all the drugs they sell. I haven't really been able to figure this one out yet!
I'm not 100000% percent positive, but I don't believe drugs that could be prescription are taken into consideration. When I went for my drug test I had percocet, aderall and xanax all in my system, because I'm prescribed them all (i do take then very sparingly thigh, but had taken them all witin a couple days of the test.)
If there's any issue, I would bring in a copy of your prescription so they know your doctor prescribed it or have them contact your doctor.
Yea, just have the paper trail and be ahead of the game because they won't tell you that's why you didn't get a call back.
When you took the piss-test there should have been a form to fill out first --

"Have you been or are currently taking and prescription medication" ?

And "Have you eaten a poppy seed bagel recently :nah:
If you have a script and give it to HR, you'll be fine.

A coworker at my current job has a prescription for morphine and even if he's caught in a drug test he's fine since it's prescribed.
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It will most likely take you a bit longer to pass your background check, as they will look deeper into the results of your drug test. Wouldn't worry too much about it. But don't be surprised if it takes a week or so to hear back about your results.
I think the broken hand alone would be cause for not going through with the job offer....I mean, what can you do in the store with a broken hand?
I think the broken hand alone would be cause for not going through with the job offer....I mean, what can you do in the store with a broken hand?

You can actually do alot, though not as much, with only one hand.

Cashiering with one hand is possible, but very *very* hard.
Notify HR and give them the script...if the test pings back positive they can forward this information to the drug testing facility that they use. I'm not sure though if there's a way for the facility to reverse what was put in as a positive, aka a, "not cleared to proceed - drug test." They may need you to go back in and do it again, which is an inconvenience but you may have to.
In my experience, the testing facility will call you, and ask if you are taking prescriptions IF you test dirty, and then you have to bring in your prescription. In my town, both the local Target and Wal Mart drug test offsite, but at the same facility. I tested for wal mart and failed, got a call from the testing facility asking if i am prescribed marijuana. 2 days later I took a drug test for Target, and passed. Funny how that works...
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