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Sep 2, 2011
Anybody else having trouble accessing ehr from home? Ever since the new site came online I've been unable to access ehr, IE just gives error 404.:dash2:
I understand that people at my store can't get to ehr from home either.
Ever since the new site rollout, I have to make 2 attempts. The first attempt is always a 404 error. The 2nd attempt is a successful login. Weird.
eHR has never worked for me at home, even before the new website was launched.
Try this. Use red phone & reset your password for ehr. Login again with temp password, changed it to your usual one. It should work from there.
Please note: check & see if your ehr computer has got all the updates done last week. Look for the funny icons on the task bar, one should say updates pending, will be on such time or dAte. Restart that computer.

Our signing computer had missed updates too, I had restarted it & works for ehr/workbench.
Im experiencing this now. I can't even look up my schedule for the week, guess I'll just go in at 4am and see what happens. Good thing I live next door
Ive never been able to successfully log in at home the first time. I log in at work all the time, daily in fact. Now that the "Online" team is done with that new, maybe they should set their sites to bring eHR out of the 90's. I can't use eHR on any of my devices except my MacBook, if I boot into Windows and use a browser that was "outdated" 8 years ago. How about a Mobile eHR for phones? Huh, huh?
Try going through, then go to my discounts/perks. Then login into ehr from there. I know it's weird way. It worked when another member was unable to see their check.
You may have to reach out to the CSC Client Support Center 612-304-4357 24/7 they are.
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