Electronic W2s!

So target is really pushing the electronic W2s this year. It's been brought up at huddles, table talkers, etc. It's always pitched as a way to save the company money, but here's my 2 cents. Go ahead and send me my W2, I'm old fashioned like that...THE REAL OPPORTUNITY would be quit sending me stupid cards in the mail. I know how hard I work in various areas of the store lol. Considering I get 3 to 5 stupid cards a year, I just tripled the amount target could save with my idea!!!:wink3:
How about that HUGE booklet they give every one around the time of benefits renewal, I mean who reads that really? Each booklet is half a tree full of stuff most don't understand or care to understand.
there was literally a 2month period where atleast once a week they would hand me some giant benefits package crap, and i dont even have benefits. ended up with like 9 of the same packet :hmm:
be careful with that benefits stuff... they change things, mail it out, assume you don't read it. next thing you know, you're at the hospital wondering why your deductible is $500... when you call, they'll say they legally notified you with a new packet.

i like the online w2. i've been doing it for several years. a few clicks, my stuff is incorporated into my tax program and a few more clicks and i get my $$$$$.
they are offering paperless W-2's as an option to go green, get your W-2 sooner; as early as January 15th - you are not obligated, but I hear all the time from team members who say there is no communication. Just trying to be sure everyone knows :)
a few clicks, my stuff is incorporated into my tax program and a few more clicks and i get my $$$$$.
This is what made me finally switch over to an Electronic W2 this year. I regretted not getting it before and by the time I realized it would have made things much easier it was too late to sign up for it.