entertainment browser

Jun 7, 2011
is there an easy way to know what title card browser signs you are missing?

we have signs for what we have in stock. when we do a sign audit or pog signing, it only generates a total of 16 signs (only 5 for a title card). Is there a list anywhere? any other places we can check? i know it generates a sign batch for new releases on tuesdays. is there a master list?
Jun 16, 2011
It would be awesome if there were. We could do research in a much more efficient way if there were a weekly POG update that included barcodes.

Rock Lobster

Executive Team Leader
Staff member
Jun 11, 2011
Well luckily I know a few things about the entertainment browsers!

If you think you are missing ALOT of the artist cards (but still have enough in the browsers where you don't want to start from scratch)... Then the best way is to probably either print out the line listing or to just print the labels for the POG under Label Menu... Then go through all the browsers and audit what you have (marking them off on either line listing or sheets of labels) and print whatever is left! Using those other applications (SIGNT audit or POG batch) just does ad promo signs, not the artist cards, which sucks!

If you have any other questions on browser best practices or maintenance let me know!
Jul 4, 2011
I doubt each browser aisle could be done in a minute, but with proper sign maintenance, good zone, and duplicate locations filled it wouldn't be too much longer. I put any artist cards for CDs I'm out of behind the letter cards so that they are all grouped together for me to scan. The letter group cards from the recent transition have actually helped with that.