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Jun 12, 2011
Alright, so what's the deal? I was doing some research today, but I only found myself in a deeper hole of more questions. What factors determine the ETL headcount? If a store is multi-level, does it automatically get an ETL-HL per floor? If so, why isn't it the same with SL?

On top of that, what's the TL allocation like?

Do these vary store by store, or is there some rhyme or reason? The Harlem, NY store isn't a superT, but it has like 3 ETL-HLs and a metric **** ton of HLTLs!
The ETL/TL headcount is determined by your stores Org Chart, which is a division of your stores sales volume for the previous year.
Yes, Multi level stores get slightly more in their headcount because you need an LOD on each floor at all times. I believe it is at the stores discretion as to what the extra ETLs/TLs are allocated as.
Typically they are Hardlines.
Fun fact i think the smallest stores have about 8 TLs and 4 ETLs, while the larger ones can have up to 20 ETLs and 40 TLs.
Also need to factor in if your store has a Pharmacy, Starbucks, P-Fresh, etc.
LOD on each floor at all times??? You're sure about that? I'm a multi-level store and that is definitely not true.
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