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Jun 9, 2011
I am curious to know, is the turnover rate much higher for etls then average team members? Or is it about the same? And is it voluntary, or is alot of termings? And If its termings, what for exactly?
First, read

And remember that ETL's rotate out of your store every 18 months to be placed in a different position in a different store.

That said, most ex-ETL's probably put in their two-week because they ended up not liking the job, or not being able to cope with the demands.
I read the original post from the old website, and it actually sparked the question. I was mostly alarmed by the rapid termings, I want to know what that is all about, if its just the people they hire, or the company being trigger happy.
I am always amazed at how high ETL turn over is. I hear the same thing over and over again, "this is not what I was told it was going to be like". Maybe a little honesty at the start would cut down on some of that. Then again warning them "you are about to be sent to the 5th level of hell" may not be a great recruiting tool.
We don't have a high turn over rate for ETLs in general. Most have been transferred to other stores. With that being said LOG does have a high turnover rate with our ETLs. Since I've been with the company (10+ years) I don't think any have made it past one year. Several have been termed and others knew to look for other employment before the axe fell. Only a few changed to another ETL position or transferred. Our current ETL has been with the company 20+ years and he's been at our store in LOG a year in October, I think.
Interns rotate through are doors like nobodies business, which makes me wonder where all our ETLS are going. I hear all the time how that intern everyone loved so much quit 3 months after starting in their store.

I think people hired from outside have less chance of making it. People who have worked their way up through spot usually know exactly what they're in for by the time they get there.

The 18 month guideline is a running joke in our store. Our Log is going on 15 years, 5 in our store. Our Repl is going on 15 years, 5 in our store. Our HL is at least 5 years in position. Our food Etl's kinda rotate between starbucks/food ave and dry grocery, but never venture into other areas. GE and AP are the ones that move a lot. We rotate SL a lot too. I guess its about half and half.
I always find it odd when you all talk of the high turnover rate for ETLs/STLs. My store is a training store and I honestly don't think we've termed either position in over 10 years. I can't say with certainty that they weren't cut loose after they left our store, but they all worked through their training well enough with us. All but two of our TLs are the same during this whole time too, passing on their experience to the ETLs/STLs as they come through.
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