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  1. So after over 6 1/2 years, I'm finally leaving. My last day is Aug 6th. The relief I feel is incalculable. I don't even have another job lined up yet but I simply could not continue to work at this latest store I transferred to. As a PA, I take food safety very seriously and this store has absolutely zero food safety culture. I cannot understand how they've been passing Steritech inspections, or actually why anyone would purchase food from there. The filth is in plain site. While I certainly have the ability to train everyone and institute a strong culture, for $12.03 an hour, it's just not worth it. My STL tried to talk me out of leaving and made a lot of promises about support, but they felt hollow.

    If anyone has some good resume tips as a PA and a previous Instocks TM, let me know. I've searched the board and found a few things but I'm looking for more. @BigEyedPhish I wondered if you've got any suggestions for wording of the job description since you mentioned a resume recently.

    I've really appreciated this site. Tons of helpful people with great information!
  2. Congrats! You could try lowes or Starbucks, they are hiring.
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    Sorry to hear you got pushed out.
    There is nothing more frustrating than reaching the point where you just can't work someplace because of the culture but it's for the best otherwise you would start to hate yourself for looking the other way.

    Good luck on the job search.
    Let us know how things go.

    I don't know how good your state is for funding these operations but in some states the Labor department have free resume classes.
    Check their website.
  4. Our job resource thread:
    The Job Search Resource Thread

    Here is job links that commie is talking about:
    here are some great links done by the us dept of labor for employment & training:
    WIA Information and Tools, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) - U.S. Department of Labor

    it has several links for training & jobs offers for the federal, state, local governments & private sectors. they offer several tyoes of assistance programs: for ex: job loss, training, career opps, find a job, & self assessment of yourself(help you find that career).
    Find Job & Career Information, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) - U.S. Department of Labor

    these programs are paid for by taxpayers & various govt agencies. most services are free or at little cost to you.
    i hope this helps!
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  5. @commiecorvus Pushed out? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the meaning of that.
    I do have someone helping me write a resume, it's just hard to articulate the vast responsibilities of pfresh in a paragraph.
    @Hardlinesmaster thanks for the links!
  6. From another thread:
    Just offering some advice for creating quality bullet points and making your resume pop. You could say "(Task) contributed to ($$$$) in sales between (two dates)".

    Everything every TM does contributes to sales. You just have to know how to market yourself and make the most mundane tasks seem interesting. Back room is very detail oriented and requires creativity to organize efficiently. Knowing future sales and upcoming ad sets help with keeping the backroom flowing.

    Talk about ( possibly make up) times when you used communication to benefit the store. Just don't put down things an employer already knows you do. For example, it's no surprise that a cashier handles money. But an impressive bullet would be how many attachments or extra sales you made by speaking with the Guest and promoting a product.

    Mhugh220, May 28, 2015
    Target on your resume & cover letter
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    Pushed out by the simple fact that the company can't be bothered to follow the rules.
    Now granted you didn't have anyone actually kick you out the door but you morally couldn't stay and that certainly qualifies.
    I left a job (along with a fair number of the staff) when I discovered the boss had a habit of groping the waitresses.
    I wasn't fired, just did what I thought was right.

    You've done the same thing.
    Good on you.
  8. I'd go with the new Target Title for PA's and avoid using the world "Assistant". PA's run market, and whoever you interview with would agree with that when you actually tell them your responsibilities.. I forget what the new title was, PFresh Specialist or something, seems more professional than "Assistant". Easiest way to connect all your responsibilities in a clear and logical manner would be to list them all in dot form, match them up to the ones that are similar and then write it like reverse mad-libs.

    I'd also include a lot of personal achievements you felt you attained, cold hard numbers never hurt either. It really depends on what type of place you are applying to on how you should word your resume I think.
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    Don't forget that staples will print you resumes for free. I think it's a certain number, but free is free.
  10. Off for 4 days and came back to a complete mess. So many things not done. Plus I had a whopping 5 hrs to train my replacement, who is new to Target, though he is coming from Kroger. Impossible to cover everything.

    Oh and they put me on next weeks schedule. Hahahahaha. Nope.

    It would be very wrong of me to walk out right? I never ever want to come back to Target again.
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    I feel ya. After leading a green pfresh for 8 months, transferring and seeing my new store's pfresh, I was appalled. How the he'll are they passing steritech? I cleaned and culled my ass off every day. Here, they'll wipe something down maybe once or twice a week. I really can't wait for the current ptl to be promoted or moved so I can get a chance at turning it around.

    Good luck in your search! Instocks and PA are both great positions with deep specialized knowledge that I think apply to many jobs.
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  12. I get it but newbie under the bus is such a mess. Good luck btw.
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    Need some degreaser?
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    Everyone needs some degeaser!
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    No...not everyone needs degreaser....or degeaser.....remember...Flabbergasted has been "spotless" over a year!

    Take a look at the thread "the time has come....." in this forum.
  16. The time has come, my little friends
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    *visualizes 'de-geezer' kicking an old guy out
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  18. Watch out for his cronies.
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  19. And that's a rap.

    Got home and had a little ceremonial trashing of the Target uniform. Felt great. I swear I exhaled more thoroughly than I have in years! :)

    Oh btw don't buy food at the Target in South Irving Texas!
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    Did you do a red & khaki bonfire?
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