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Oct 14, 2011
Well, I really don't know what to think about this.

A few hours ago I got a phone call from my former stores STL. (FYI - I am no longer with the company. I am now a playstation rep, but was a hardlines TL when I left)

Basically she told me (in nice Target words) that the store has gone to hell, particularly my departments, and that they want to hire me back in my old job. She was obviously trying to cover something up, but I got the distinct impression too many departments have gone red on her watch and the DTL is now after her job. (whenever I come in the store for my visits that is basically what my former coworkers are telling me too.... store has gone to hell basically because so many veteran TLs/TMs are gone)

At first I was like "I'm sorry to hear about the problems the store is having, but I have a much better job now".

Then all of a sudden she offered to hire me back at $3/more an hour than I was making. Told her that wouldn't be a good deal for me because I am making even more than that as a playstation rep and have better benefits.

Then she told me if I come back she will fast track me to a Sr TL spot in six months as long as I turn departments green plus I would get the $3/hour extra. Now that got me thinking because I always wanted to be a Sr TL..... I am pretty sure I could turn those departments green. (hell, I had them solid green when I was there before) So I would be a Sr TL, and get the Sr TL raise, plus $3 extra when I come back.

I told her I would call and let her know by friday.

If I take the job I would have to quit my job as a playstation rep.... but at the same time, I could be a Sr TL in six months. That is pretty cool. Don't know if I should come back or not? What do you guys think?
Nope. Don't do it. Chances are before you get the scores green and the position, she'll be gone and you'll be regretting leaving Sony. Besides, you said your current manager told you that retail will be a thing of the past in a few years. I would stick it out with Playstation, or you will definitely regret it, knowing Target
Also remember how they treated you during your last week? Your last day?
Their behavior showed their true feelings toward you.
Carrot on a string!

Perhaps you should suggest that she hire you in as SrTL instead of just TL. Why wait the 6 months and if she feeds you a line of BS you will know her intentions.
Don't do it. Not to be a jerk, I'm sure you were awesome because your STL is begging you to be back, but if they can't find someone, even a TM, to train well enough to keep an area even yellow then that's terrible management and pure laziness. Your old store sounds like garbage.

However, ask for a 6 dollar increase and see what she says.
Dont. If you like your current position (seems you do), its a lot less stressful and more realistic (sounds like it is) and pays more than you had (does), KEEP YOUR CURRENT POSITION.

Seriously, if there was a single option that paid the same I get now, or even marginally less but with equal hours I would take it in a heartbeat.

Being a team lead sucks. Being a SrTL is generally just as bad, if not worse. And the pay bump is far less than the $3 they are offering.
go for 7.50 increase per hour off the bat. SRTL within 3mo. in writing. go for it.
I wouldn't do it... Second guessing your move is never good.. If things go badly, you could be in for some serious hurt lol.
Run away, now, as in right this second.

Unless you get that offer in writing then it's nothing.

Has anything in this company ever gotten better in the last four years?
Do not do it,you will never get that offer in writing and we all know here what verbal promises are worth in Target,either way if you return it will not work out well,enjoy your new job and take the satisfaction from the fact that you did such a great job at Target that they could not replace you.If your STL was so genuine why was that offer not made before you left.
eff em eff em in their stupid a!!!

edit, dang someone beat me too it.

Eff em anyways eff em in they a!!!
Ask to be hired back as a sr. Her answer will be there's not position or it's not the right time. The same answer she will give you in 6 months when you ask for your promotion. I mean if you trust her go for it. Personally I only trust 10% of target leaders.
You finally got a job you like with a lot of perks. I would ask you boss at Sony about promotion opportunities before you decide anything I know you just started but hey worth a shot.

Personally I used to love being a team lead at target but now I just don't think it's worth it anymore
Dont do it, they WILL **** you over, its target shes only trying to cover her ass. She doesnt care about you, once scores are green she will "forget" all about the promotion
Take the offer as a compliment, use as self motivation to strive @ your new job. The money would be good however would the treatment justify that? It's a personal decision.
agree with the majority, there's no reason if your store is suffering that they couldn't get approval for an extra srtl. chances are, youll get hired back, same old crap, but then they magically forget that they said the srtl thing or put you through interviews and say you didn't make it, they couldn't help that you didn't interview well. the stl can call the dtl and make you a srtl within a week. i've seen it happen. three times via a two minute phone chat.

personally, i would get an outrageous pay raise, tell them i had to hire in as srtl, then tell 'em to f off the day i was supposed to start. i would call the dtl and tell him personally about my last day and how i was treated and leave him with that. if you ever doubt your new job, just go back and read the posts here to remind your khaki cult free brain what it was like...
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