Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

Jun 28, 2020
Guest: “I need someone over by the nicotine gum case“
Me: “okay, I’ll call someone over!” *radio’s hba*
G: “Someone already did that and I was waiting for 20 minutes and no one came“
Me: “Well, if you go to guest service, I’m sure they can have someone take a key over there and unlock it for you.”
G: “someone told me to look for someone in a red shirt who would be able to help me and you’re wearing a red shirt so here I am and I need you to help me so will you just come?”
Me: “ma’am, I can’t leave this spot.”
(at SCO, and by this time, there’s a line forming behind her. I suggest we move out of the way so that the other guests can check out)
G: “I refuse to leave this spot until you tell me what I need to do.”
Me: “If you go to guest service they can help you.” (ticked off at this point)
The guest continued to ask what she needed to do and after suggesting to her again and again to go to guest service, I finally just told her straight up.
Her exact words: “oh, so you’re telling me to go there?”