I applied to become a perishables assistant (PA) at my store

Honestly, no matter what, they're generally gonna wait a set amount of time before offering the position to anyone. Essentially, even if they already know who they're gonna pick, they "have to" let other people at least apply. So basically, you can't make it go any faster than it already would have. As for the factors of them offering the position to you, I'd say you're doing as well as you can--although don't count on sense to be the determining factor in who they promote, as that doesn't always tend to be the case. <<;
Do you have a degree?


It's not up to your STL as much as it's up to your TL and ETL. Or at least that's what it's like in my store. Talk to them first, imo.


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So one of our PAs in transferring stores and they opened up the position on EHR. I just applied today. As some of you may know, i am in pfresh currently as a market team member. I am been working as a market tm since January. I pretty much know all there is to know about being a p fresh/market tm. I just need to learn a few things the PAs due, get food safety certified and i am ready to be a PA.

It makes sense for them to promote me since i know the store, know the area, much less training needed for me than a new PA plus i have open availability and they know how hard i can work.
We lost our ETL HR to maturity leave. I was thinking about talking to our STL since he is the one who helped transfer our PA plus he knows how hard i work.

Any tips on how to get them to promote me ASAP other than talk to hr, STL or ETL p fresh?
You have a great shot at being PA. As long as you speak with your STL letting them know that you wish to advance. If you do not speak up, nothing will happen I promise. I was in your shoes not 4 months ago. They finally opened a new PA slot (just for me honestly..) and I grabbed it. My STL realized this wasnt enough and immediatly put me into a TL interview since my current store was in a pfresh remodel they needed help. So bam.. here I am.. a TM to PA to TL in 2 months.

A PA isnt just the food certification. You need to know the ordering process. It is ALOT to think about.. short dates.. ad.. hq push.. etc.. not to mention yes the 8 hour food safety course (ugh) but do yourself a favor and speak to your STL "Hey STL_____, I applied for the PA position, is there anything I can do to better prepare myself for the interview/position?" Show initiative. Start stepping up in your position... telling someone to do something.. or training someone to do something.. if you show leadership qualities you will be fast tracked easily.. happened to me!! please let me know if you need help.. !! Best of luck to you! and keep us posted pfreshbackroomguy!
It sounds like the etl wants to give everyone, a fair chance at the interview. Eventhough he may have "pre" selected someone already. assume nothing & go for it. If you have done well in performance, gs & other things, you should be ok. The "girl thing" may Of hurt you. Hopefully not.


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Never assume anything. It's never enough to 'assume' that you're the best or most logical choice.
Prepare as if you're going up against dozens of other applicants. Namely, stand out. It showcases character quality.
Even if you WERE the 'most' obvious choice, the opening MUST be posted to allow others the same opportunity.
There's nothing worse than someone who thinks they're a shoe-in & doesn't have to prove themselves. That happened at my store &, when they didn't get the job, it was ugly.


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Pettjm54 is right. Being a PA is much more than a food safety class and a pay raise. You will be responsible for ordering, doesn't sound like a big deal, but, just wait until your tracking the sales of a couple hundred items while predicting what holidays or sales will do those sales. You will also be held accountable for guest service scores, ensuring that the department is operating in a safe and correct manner so that steritech doesn't find anything. All in all it is a lot more work than you think it is! I know I have a lot more responsibility than I thought I would have, not that it's a bad thing. Just think of it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things whether it is with spot or not, leadership experience is indispensable.

I would say that knowing the product and routine gives you an edge that others don't have, but, they will also be looking for leadership and potential to move up. At my store all of the Assistant positions are practically reserved for TMs that have shown interest in TL spots, we just get stuck in limbo for a year or so, lol n

Good luck though, it will teach you a lot and show you a lot more of the operation side of things most TMs don't gt to see.
There maybe others who you don't see are trained in p-fresh too. Again, assume nothing. I can do almost everything in p-fresh, except meat scaling, ordering & received the truck.
Frontend: I know its a hell of a lot more responsibility. I know all about ordering process. I know what sells (that is orderable) when its on sale and not on sale. I know all about making sure our department is operating in a safe and correct manner so that steritech (our store and department have had three straight GREEN steritech visits). Most of all, i know how much work it is. I have helped the PAs and CTLs with their work and helped even with their orders. I have oberved a lot and know what works at my store and what doesnt work.

Redeye: I see you point but considering there are only 3 people (including myself and not including the PA that is leaving) total in my entire store who work and are trained in p fresh. Considering we are going into the holidays and that we are short staffed as it is, they are not going to want to spend time training a new person. I feel like my PAs and CTL have been grooming me to became a PA if another PA leaves.
That's good you feel confident in your ability to do a good job over there. When I became PA ~8 months ago, the tasks were expected of me, but they also wanted me to step up and be a leader. If you can demonstrate that you'll be good.


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If your up for it good luck. It is good experience and a great opportunity to show off your leadership skills to the execs!!! Best of luck with the whole interview process!!!