I'm STILL having issues with our DC

Hi I'm new here but I was told I could ask about stuff on here. I work bulk in the backroom and I'm constantly having issues with our distribution center. I was told to go to either the backroom TL or the FLOW TL and they could write up a report to the DC. The problem is that all they do is give a weak apology and they continue the same thing. Is there ANYTHING ELSE that I can do besides going to my TL. I wanted to call the DC myself but I was told that would be a bad idea.
Can someone please help me with my issue
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We've been doing that for MONTHS now and it's not working, I want more from DC beside a "sorry it won't happen again" I want to see some change.

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Documentation, written reports, pictures. Keep on your TLs to follow up on it, pass it up to the ETL Logistics to follow through, eventually get the STL involved if it still hasn't been resolved. Make sure from the ETL and STL angles you present problems with a cost/benefit analysis on how much wasted time and payroll it takes to correct mistakes.