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Answered Immediate cross training for new tm

Jul 18, 2020
I am a new tm, around 60 days in, and was cross trained within my first week. From what I have read so far, this does not seem to be very common. I was hired as a fulfillment expert but have received training for cashier, truck, restock, zoning hardline & softline and even rearranged shoes to create space for new flow with full trust and support by a leader withjn my first 30 days. It has been a struggle getting used to the culture here. It would help me gain a better understanding on where my skills lie knowing if this is common practice or not. Thanks!


May 9, 2020
It might of been uncommon before covid but nearly every tm hired for sales floor roles, gm, beauty, style, flex have been cross trained because of loas and workload factors in my store. Especially if you seem capable and have open availability


GA, Former GSA
Dec 29, 2013
We don't cross-train most people in most areas, but basically every position is intended to be register trained during the first week. And flex is likely the position that gets the most cross-training, because they get tasked with doing whatever happens to be needed the most atm between OPU orders.