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Sep 21, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am currently a team member interested in possibly doing an internship with Target in my junior year. What is the process of going from a TM to an intern to an ETL? Do you have to interview to become an internal intern? Thank you!
Jun 8, 2011
Ck on ehr on what stores offering internships. Also, ck with your hr. Warning, you may not at be your home store.

Rock Lobster

Executive Team Leader
Jun 11, 2011
The best way to do it is to talk to your STL (first to find out if they think you should or not) and to find out who is the STL in charge of your group campus recruitment... There is a "captain" STL and then some ETLs who will generally be part of that team who actually recruits interns, so you will have to call and talk to them! When it comes to actually applying you go to target.com/careers and apply for an store internship just like any other job (but I think you need to post a resume)
Sep 26, 2011
I completed an internship with Target this summer. Although I was an external hire, I imagine the process will be the same for you.

I would partner with ETL-HR and let them know your intentions. Your ETL can likely give you the contact details for your field campus recruiter. After that, it's a fairly lengthy interview process before a final decision will be made.

My internship experience was extremely immersive and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a career in retail. I would be happy to share any details about my time spent with Target with you.

Best of luck to you!