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Has corporate sent any communication how we are supposed to assist guests with this? I can already feel them ready to line up at guest services ready to let us have it. *shudder*

What about those of us with a REDCard? Since it can only be used at Spot, does that mean it might be a bit safer since Spot doesn't ship overseas and they probably aren't coming over here to do their Christmas shopping?
This is a pretty big deal. I'm curious as to why Target hasn't said anything, but maybe they're trying to find out the best way to deal with it.

From what I've read (and seen on the news) tonight, there's not a whole lot you can do. Just monitor your accounts and make sure you report any fraudulent activity.

I can imagine there are lots of angry guests tonight...
This is not good at all, I am so glad I do not work at guest service...

I think Target is in damage control at the moment, I also believe it may be illegal to release certain information during a Federal Investigation, especially a VERY Fresh one. So I could see them treading very lightly with this at the moment.
Is this true? Why the hell hasn't Target said anything? Yes, to the customers, but why not to employees who they see on usually a daily basis? This is complete bullshit and it better be resolved. This has definitely lowered my view of Target drastically.
One news report that I watched suggested ordering a replacement card, since they suspected replicating the magnetic strips on your card as one way these hackers would move forward with the stolen information..
would changing your pin help at all or no?

also, watch these morons still hold TMs to the same expectations for getting red cards

they're done at this point, if anyone gets one now they're dumb as hell
Also I'm really surprised this hasn't happened sooner, really. Think about Target's moronic IT people who couldn't even get their employee site to work with non-IE browsers for years.

New commercial for Target: Shitty protection of our guests information leading to the loss of millions of dollars and not telling everyone the full extent of the damage in a cover up as to not hurt sales too much because we're blood sucking scum #THATSMYKINDOFHOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYY
I really feel bad for anyone who got their identity stolen:( That's scary stuff right there......Yep I have a feeling no one will be feeling one will be feeling red cards ( the guests that is) after this mess and of course ETLS etc etc will say oh of course everything is safe etc ya try explaining that to the guests after this huge mess......Good luck........ Let's just wait until 2014 perhaps?
My kids were the victims of a theft ring at their Peds office, with the secret service involved recently. They told me they do ask you to not say anything until they ok it.

Kbut with a leak.... Damage control is needed, along with assurance things are patched.

Crap. And I just got a letter that my info was stolen from the community college I went to in 1991!

How do I change my red card pin number? I don't think I used my actual debit card.... I will have to look.
It wasn't just redcards, it was all cards. While I think this will affect redcard sales, thinking your other cards (credit/debit) are safe in this is not true if you used them.
Saw this creep into my facebook feed this morning, then on Good Morning America they had a story on it as well. I REALLY feel bad for anyone working Guest Services for the next few weeks.
I can't wait for guests to calmly sympathize and understand that it's not the fault of anyone at store level...

...and by that I mean I can't wait to get chewed out 50 or so times.

I'm closing GSA tonight, and as soon as I get in I'm tracking down my LOD and asking how we're going to handle the situation. One thing's for certain, for the safety of my cashiers, I'm not going to be pushing them to get REDcards until this all simmers down.
This is like watching a train wreck. Target finaly comes foward and admits the issue after being outed by others. Knowing this was coming you think they would have prepared for the response but, it seems everybody is trying to cancel their red cards and can not get on the website or anybody on the phone so they they are blowinig up face book. And Targets response keeps saying you do not have to cancel your red card unless something wrong appears on it. To which everybody is saying they want to cancel anyway because Target did not bother to warn them something had happened. The last few years we have seen Target make a series of terrible choices taking a once great company and driving it into the ground. Now we have this, and the way they are handling it is a disaster. And you know who will pay for the untold millions the company will lose because of this? The people who work in the stores who will see more positions taken away, more benefits erased and payroll cut even more. The same people making these bad calls have been in charge this entire time and never answer for their never ending screw ups. Everybody at the top of Corporate needs to be cleaned out. When is enough enough? If any of you had even a quarter of the screw ups as the CEO you would have been canned a long time ago. It is just sad to see that it will the people working in the stores that will once again suffer because Targets leadership continues to fail over and over again.
As big of a breach that this is.. people have to consider the odds here..

Chances of your information being stolen is 1 out of 40,000,000 (if you used one credit card), or 0.0000025%


Chances of being struck AND killed by lightning is 1 out of 2,500,000..

So basically that's saying that you have a better chance of being struck and killed by lightning at least 15 times over than someone stealing your information from the pile of data. And that doesn't even mean that your information is in that pile, or that they have all the necessary information to make it work.

I still do understand that this is a significant matter, however ignorant people see the numbers (40million cards stolen), and see that immediately believe their info has been compromised. Unfortunately, that will really hurt Spot in the coming weeks.
Hah! From another site I frequent:

I work across the street from Target HQ; walked by there just now on the way to Chipotle for lunch. It's as you'd expect, a zoo. TV truck outside. Anxious people in suits having intense convos in the atrium (to be fair, that's usually the case). The weird thing is the crowd of lower-level people in their Target t-shirts, which generally means that some sort of Enforced Corporate Jollity is happening. I assume whatever staff holiday thing they had scheduled is a pretty subdued matter now.

On the way back, I took the skyway, and could see across 10th street into one of their big conference rooms; there was a powerpoint running about "2013 Black Friday Recap" and a lot of people standing around in knots talking. None of them looked happy.
I just got a call from my ETL for a completely different subject, however, the store has been receiving calls all morning about the this issue. Apparently they missed the part in the local news about calling the 1-800 number.

My ETL said that it's just been one thing after another... Not to mention we have three other large issues going on at the store today too. All of this right before Christmas.

As someone else said... Conversion tanking to 0 in... 5... 4.... 3.... 2..... 1...... BOOM.
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