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Aug 16, 2011
We're a ultra high Pfresh and we get deliveries 4x a week usually with 3 dairy skids each. Well, today we got six. Chobani and Fage up the ying yang. What are we gonna do with 4 whole pallets of yogurt??

Anyone else have this happen? My TL said they sent it as promo but I don't think a thousand or two cases of yogurt is going to sell this week.
There was a message board about some new thing they are doing with dairy pushes and ad items, I don't really remember what it said, but, I will look it up tomorrow and get back. Unless anyone else knows what I'm talking about.
Chobani is on one of your Diary endcaps that sets 1/1, but I don't know what the deal with the Fage is?
Our store used to be a test store for larger dairy deliveries. It wasn't like an official pilot program, but the FDC was sending us a ton more dairy than we would normally need. The cooler was always absolutely packed, Case stock stacked up tight against the ceiling, entire pallets of eggs...yeah it was terrible. Glad those days are over.
Yeah there was a message board on workbench explaining that there was a system issue and that the next few orders will be ligher than normal due to this.
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