Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

Dec 11, 2011
My store is as old as it gets, we have had our remodel pushed back for a decade now. The only real difficulty I'm having is half the cameras we.dont get anymore, and we have electronics pogs on the back wall that extend beyond the electronics area. I am also agressivly marking down nop mobile accessories that got really out of hand.
Oct 10, 2015
......i can tell you many things about it. And how to fix the many issues. Feel free to pm me

But hint? Have AP start stashing lockibg cabinets, and figure out what you're strategy is to deal with losing all your space at the boat. We have 1 bathroom sink sized cabinent. Choose wisely.
We have a rolling cart for all Ap supplies already that we use with excess so we kinda have that covered ahead of time at most that cabinet will probably just be for the bare necessities. We already have excess cabinets then what we truly need now we are I believe 5+ over what we are suppose to be allotted. Since we still use MarketSource I can hear their cry’s now that there’s no room for the amount of junk they have on their side that they don’t need or use.