1. Azrael342

    Logistics Electronics cage

    Does anyone know what this is correctly called on Go Cart? My ETL said they saw it one day but we can't find it anymore.
  2. Sushi2Go

    How to add Applecare plan?

    I was covering tech and my dumbass was able to get a guest to buy an Applecare plan. Only thing is I don't even know how to process it. Couldn't even find the plan itself because the boat is a mess. But anyways the screen said to scan something on the mydevice and I'm like what? Before if we...
  3. S

    Anyone still have AT&T reps?

    We still have ours. The cringe they bring to the store... I feel bad for any guest that gets stopped by them just wanting to shop peacefully.
  4. lokinix

    Specialty The Person at AT&T Told Me...

    So... I was in Tech the other day. It is that time of year where we only have one person in Tech at a time, because of the lack of hours. It is also the time of year when people are getting their tax refunds, so... We can get *busy*. Yesterday when in Tech - I was helping a few people and my...
  5. Bulletbait92

    Question for my fellow Tech Consultants.

    Hello all, I have a question regarding our position in the tech department. I just transferred to a new store, in a new state, a while ago and noticed that they try to pull me to do everyone else's jobs. At my previous location we were told it was against "policy" to be off doing other things ...
  6. Dream Baby

    Electronics question - Adding Apple Care

    I ring in electronics occasionally and heard something new yesterday. I heard over you have to add "Apple Care" using the Target Circle app. Is this true? I thought you just scanned one of the Apple Care cards.
  7. D

    Xbox mini fridge

    Bit of a weird one I guess lol, I just saw that this is going to be a Target exclusive. Asked my tech people and they don’t have any details yet. Is the xbox mini fridge going to be something that’s a one and done(so the preorder that already happened)? Or will they allow it to be sold in...
  8. Dream Baby

    Getting an item for a guest AFTER the closing announcement

    So a guest wanted something from electronics (the electronics had left at least half hour before) so the Closing TL had to go back there. However this was five minutes after the store closing announcement, the lights were dimmed, and there was a line up front. What is the store policy on this...
  9. I

    Unlocked Phones.

    There is an unlocked phone that I am considering buying. If I purchase it am I able to return it if I don't like it? It is a no contract phone and we do not have a Target Mobile at my store.
  10. bloodyred

    OLED Nintendo

    Because I have limited time, explanation: only lead in my area, sitting here thinking of all the tasks/workload we have in area. Anyway, Is the new OLED Nintendo going to the same OPU/Drive-Up option like the PS5/XboxX? I haven't had a moment to go through the October planner between new hire...
  11. T

    Frustrated with spiderwraps/security boxes

    They are all different and frustrating/hard to unlock.
  12. Batteryguy556

    Should I tell my TL about a spreadsheet I made

    So I work in tech and I decided to make a little sheet to fill in for consumer cellular customers with all the account info they need. Basically I would give said sheet to the customer after I set up their phone so they have an easier time. I made one copy at home and I want to make more at work...
  13. versionDefect

    Discount On Phones

    I want to buy new iPhones for the family but want to know if there is any way for it to be rung up with our registers so my 15 percent could apply.
  14. T

    Ukg server?

    Hi all. I got a new phone a couple of days ago and am having to re-download everything including my work apps. When logging into ukg, it is asking for a server code and I can't gifure out what it is. Someone recently posted a thread and you all were posting links but none of them were working...
  15. I

    Target tech

    Could a previous employer of marketsource (target tech) work in a department of target if it has been three months?
  16. T

    Target Protection Plan

    I know in the past electronics had a barcode sheet for the protection plans. Does anyone have this, or the DPCI list for the protection plans. Reason being if a guest wants to add it on same transaction or later on. Thanks.
  17. R

    RandomTechGuy Might be in some trouble.

    Hello everyone, First post here. I am a target team member of nearly 2 years. As you can probably tell by my username I work in electronics and have since I started. I have never really gotten into much trouble except for a couple NCNS way way back (latest one was roughly 6 months ago. Although...
  18. versionDefect

    Handling street dated items

    Heyo, Im an electronics TM and at my store we have a section of street dates that’s unlocated because according to my ETL they’ll show up on the app for like pickup. There has to be a better way to do this. A consequence of this way is that we’re never know what goes out when and it usually...
  19. P

    Buying a smartphone at target

    I have a question about buying smartphone at Target. I was hoping to get the Samsung Note 20 and was wondering if the TM discount/RedCard will work on it? I planned on buying the unlocked phone, will it make a difference? Also, can it be pricematched and then have the discount/RedCard on top...
  20. T

    AP/ electronics swraps lock boxes

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if anyone has a store where they have a good storage method for spider wraps and lock boxes in either their boat or the backroom. We have the boat with the cameras still on it so there is not a whole lot of space for them there but we have a 6 cube organizer...