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Nov 23, 2011
I'm sorry if I am not posting in the correct area (I looked everywhere and this seemed to be the best fit). I have- er- misplaced my paycheck/ I think it may have ended up going in the trash. Is there anyway to order a new one? I hadn't been cashed yet. This has never happened before. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
Well first of all call your HR team and the 1800 probably asap. If it's anything similar to my last job and my coworkers, they will have you wait up to 10 business days to ensure the check has been voided then mail you a new one. the problem is that the wait is something you can't override, it was your responsibility to watch that check the moment you put it in your hands.
And if that isn't a compelling argument for direct deposit, I don't know what is.
your ETL-HR or hrtm can initiate a new one promptly. We just request it, and hq makes sure it wasn't cashed, and you can get a new one pretty darn quick. Just call and ask - you don't need to stop in to the store.
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