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Jun 10, 2011
so this new collaboration was such a huge hit in new york ...celebs and all this top designer met in target missoni pop up store and apparently all the merchandise was sold out in 45 for the 400 bike jessica alba tweeted that she had a dream of the missoni for target bike and jessica simpson said that she wanted one jessica alba said that she call our chief executive marketing officer and told him that she wanted 2 bikes of missoni for target ...and that they can charge it to her account that they apperently have on file...he told her that the bikes will be deliver to her on sep. 13 launch thats the star power..anyways it supposed to be big ....

NOW at the store level we will have our softlines and hardlines tls..built their endcaps at 6am on sept 13 and set the signing and we are supposed to take pictures and send it to our dtl by 8am to ensure it is done right...

so my questions to everyone is how are everyone in your store getting set up for this launch? Is you dtl very strict that he/she wants pictures sent to them by 8am to ensure is done right?...
i guess we just happened to have a dtl that is very strict our whole district is trying to get used to him.
Setting it as part of the Halloween overnight. Fun, fun fun.
We are setting it at 4am. We will be clearancing it 3 weeks later....Our midwest store does not buy the designer stuff. And this stuff is UGLY! I was around when this design was popular in the 70s and it was ugly then too.
I just saw the commercial for it yesterday. Wow, ugly zigzag lines of different colors isn't attractive. It kind of reminds me of very old Native American blankets. Lol.
We will set ours monday night in addition to halloween. Saw some of the clothes on z-racks in the backroom and they look ugly.
yuck, so far all the clothes are uglyyyyy, all the zigzags and combinations of colors are terrible.
I like the stuff that is not so zig zag heavy. There were some things I saw that were not so so bad. But just would be really hard to make an outfit work, I think. All the other stuff, just no. Never.
LMAO yeah all this merchandise is gross looking. Our store's general demographic is not the "urban trendy" type so they'll never buy this stuff. Looks really kitsch.
well its going to be big at my store...we gotten extreme amount of phone calls from guest..."are yall getting the missoni product, " "is going to be available at your store""will you have enough stock by 5pm" operator was so tired of answering the same type of phone calls...anyways our store got the bike...and we got alot of the product i know some stores did not get alot of variety depending on your type of guest that shop at your store.
It'll go over like that liberty stuff. Everyone asked about it but yet no one really ever bought it until it went on clearance lol
Very seventies.
My stepmother had dress' exactly like the ones being sold.
I'm waiting for the return of brightly colored leisure suits.
We had people come in at 5am to set it, store had people outside since 7am maybe earlier. I left almost 9am, we were sold out. MOBS of women, almost to the point of physically moving our Softlines ETL and SrTL's and TM's. Its so ugly, thank god its selling though, less to pull hopefully for price change. AND we have no truck tonight .
It was being set overnight with the Halloween in our store last night. As others have stated I don't care for the designs. I set two endcaps & a housewares focal after we finished the truck. I did like the striped vases with the clear "window." But the price was a bit steep for my Target pay, even with my discount. I don't know if the dtl was wanting pics or not.
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