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Jul 8, 2011
So, my GSA trainer has been, not training me. I ask and she blows me off. I've had random people pretty much training me.

Anyways, to the point of this post.

I'm not sure how much of each coin roll I get.

I know we get $100 worth of 10's which is 10 rolls
I know we get $10 worth of Nickles which is 5 rolls

but I don't know how many of anything else.
I've asked a million times and no one is helping me but one GSA but she only closes and I never see her.

I open by myself next Saturday with NO training.
I close this Sunday by myself with only half a day of training.

I'm screwed.
I need a cheat sheet for the Money Orders.
No worries! Redeye58 has done a guide on c/o:
cash office -
Banking the lanes:
Opening should have 100.00 & 2 bags at per lane.
500.00 & bags at gs.
We have a cheat sheet on the box for opening & closing lanes.
Your lod can help you on this. There is a book in the c/o on this too.
Good luck!
Hey red! Your ears on?
Gtc to red!
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Depending on the amt you advance out, your store may keep about double that on hand in the safe. Your cash office should have it posted under "safe guidelines". After you've counted the previous salesdate, prepared the next day's advances & startfunds, compare your safe balance against the safe guidelines. You'll also want to take into account what you'll need in a couple day's time based on how long it takes for your armored carrier to deliver.
Ones can be ordered by the half bundle ($500) or full bundle ($1000). $5s, $10s are in 100-ct straps ($500 & $1000 respectively). $20s are usually pulled from the previous day's count to go back into circulation but can also be ordered by strap if need be ($2000). Coin is always ordered by the box & each box fills 5 trays. Therefore, pennies are $25 ($5 trays), nickles are $100 ($20 trays), dimes are $250 ($50 trays) & quarters are $500 ($100 trays).
Reigisters are banked w/ 1-$20, 3-$10s, 10-$5s & a strap of 50 $1s (total of$150). Your service desk drawers will be banked heavier because of cash return outflow. Check your store's sales level for guidance as to how much to maintain.
Your advance fund depends on your checklane needs re: level of currency & number of trays of coins.
Hope this helps. PM me if you have further questions.
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Thanks! Gtc to red & 99! I have banked the lanes twice since the change over. But, the gstl told me look for the cheat sheet on the box for opening & closing. All details were there! It save me!
Thanks. A lot of help.
I really appreciate all your help.

I'm catching on to a few things but sometimes, numbers just don't make sense to me.

Like last night, I was GSA and I was giving cashiers money and I realized I needed to order more Tens and ones and I had no idea, and then someone came by and said oh you need to order a hundred dollars in Quarters and 3 bundles of ones and after that I was LOST.

She didn't have time to explain so I didn't blame her for not explaining. LOL

I just know I am gonna need money from the C.O to be put into the money drawer on the front lanes.

As far as I know. I won't be trained in Cash Office anytime soon so crossing my fingers I understand THIS before stepping in there.
The amount for the change drawer varies by store, my training store was completely different than my store because they used more quarters and got it changed. They do have an online module for cash office on Workbench. and remember if you dont balance the first day its OK!
Fortheteam is correct. Fund amts vary store to store.
If you start to run low in the cash fund (aka "cash advance fund"), you'll want to radio the LOD to meet you at 239 (cash office). If they ask why, go to another channel & explain that you need an advance. Take a lane bag (usually from the lane the adv fund is on) & tell them what you need (ie: $10s, $5s, pennies, etc). They may have you come in to CO with them. When they take the requested money from the safe, they'll write down the amts under the appropriate denominations on both the safe count sheet AND the cash advance worksheet (& the location it went to). This tells the CO TM doing the count next day why there's less money in the safe & where it went. Sometimes money has to be advanced out to a guest service drawer because of a large cash refund during the course of a return. You'll enter those under "last night's advances" when you log into CP4000.

Feel free to PM me w/any other questions.
So confusing. Thanks guys lol.

Another note. Last night was my first successful *almost* solo close. Go me!
This GSA thing is hard LOL
It's a lot of responsibility! Props to you for jumping in headfirst.
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