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More Walmart job eliminations!

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Pelon1071, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071 Hardware SA (Walmart)

    Today we all got hit with a new round of job eliminations. The jobs that just got cut are.

    —Photolab/Connection Center DM(Department Manager)

    —Stationery DM (This is the role I was training for—now I’m SOL)

    —Front End Zone Supervisor (sat between CSM and Front end Assistant Mgr.)

    —Support Manager (based on volume)

    —Price Verifier (unless required by law)

    Same rules as CO-Managers; 60 days to fine a new gig or take the money.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  2. NPC

    NPC Hecking chiillllll

    I hope they bring back the cashier position.
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  3. oath2order

    oath2order Scary Socialist

    Remember when Walmart got all that praise for the bonuses
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  4. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Trainer

    Walmart has 40 different types of managers. Imagine trying to explain your position to a guest. Id be like I want the highest person who makes the most money to solve my problem.
  5. Planosss

    Planosss 2+2=4!

    Remember with Uber you can work when you want and how long you want. Make your own schedule, get your side hustle on.
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  6. BullseyeStyle

    BullseyeStyle P-Fresh Master

    Depending on where you live, Uber’s not all it’s cracked up to be. They really don’t pay well. You’d have better luck with Lyft who is a lot more friendly.
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  7. buliSBI

    buliSBI Former Team Member

    Doesn't Uber require vehicles to be stylish.
  8. PM2NO

    PM2NO Business Owner

    I believe the rule of thumb is the vehicle should be newer than 2002 but if you truly want to make it your job it would be better to have a newer vehicle to stand a lot of miles
  9. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Neither is sustainable. Even when you make money you have to pay for gas, Rideshare insurance, maintenance and you put an awful lot of miles on your car which is depreciation
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  10. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    State specific my state it's less than 10 years old. California it's 15 year old.
  11. buliSBI

    buliSBI Former Team Member

    So when is the official date for the Walmart cashier position to be phased out. I know some stores around my area are already all SCO.
  12. SitSpotSit

    SitSpotSit Team Member

    Uber Eats is less stringent on the car and you don't have to talk to a passenger!! :)
  13. canttouchthis777

    canttouchthis777 The Notorious O.T.

    Savage 10/10
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  14. RhettB

    RhettB I've forgotten more than many young ETLs know.

    Target thins out job levels too. I'm not going to demonize Walmart for doing it when we do it as well. Do any stores still have comp-shop TM's? Most stores combined HL and SL ETL a few years ago.
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  15. Aredhel

    Aredhel Formerly Redzee

  16. pinktea

    pinktea Team Member

    It's not even a lie...I went to Walmart on the Saturday night before Super Bowl; it was about 8pm? Lots of people in Market; lines down the main aisle. ONE CASHIER. They had like 20 SCO's, though. They'd converted a lot of regular aisle registers into SCO and people were checking themselves out.
  17. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    What did comp shoppers do?
  18. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Sorry Pel. :(
  19. masterofalltrades

    masterofalltrades Team Trainer

    Postmates is awesome. You get paid by the minute.
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  20. OP

    Pelon1071 Hardware SA (Walmart)

    I’m not too worried since I still have my old position to fall back into.

    Just the people who don’t have that safety net is what bothers me. :|
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