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Na na na hey hey hey so long target

Discussion in 'Happy Trails' started by Joejoe12, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. So after 8 years and 3 months it's time to say good bye to spot. After going through a interview process for the last month I got an offer today. While I am excited to start this new opportunity I am not gonna lie I will miss the people at spot that I've worked with for all these years. With that being said I got a question for all of you. I am off Monday for the holiday so I wouldn't be able to put my two weeks in till Tuesday. My HR etl is off Tuesday can I put it in with out him being there or should I go in on my day off on Monday? There will be other etls there on Tuesday but am not sure if this needs to be done by HR any info would be great thanks
  2. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Congratulations on your new job.

    You can go in at any time and ask any LOD for a voluntary term form. You just fill that out with your last day. It asks some questions about why you are leaving. It will end up in your HR's mailbox. It would be nice if you give your TL/ETL a heads up. No need for the HR to be there.
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  3. OP


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  4. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    You're welcome.
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  5. PassinTime

    PassinTime Guest

    All ETLs should know where the voluntary term forms are since Target has folks quitting on a regular basis. Heck, I just gave mine to a hrTM when I quit. Just give it to a hrTM or the LOD. You can turn in your term form anytime the store is open, so if you work this weekend you can do it then.
    Good Luck!
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  6. commiecorvus

    commiecorvus Former Signing Ninja Moderator

    Congratulations and good luck with the new job.
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  7. Congrats!
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  8. Good for you!
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  9. Congrats!
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  10. Congratulations on getting out. Leaving Target was the best thing that happened to me. Some ETLs may try and convince you that there's nothing better than working for Target, but I will say from experience that I am much, much happier at L'Oréal USA than I ever was at Target. Good luck in your future endeavors.
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  11. Congrats!
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