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Aug 30, 2011
My ETL has started putting my pricing tm's on a weekend rotation under pricing hours, thus leaving me short handed throughout the week. I know one of her reasonings is that it supports our guests on the salesfloor. Totally understand that, however my team runs our butts off throughout the week already, while our presentation team does nothing for guest service. Should I let it go or question her motives again? I just dont think its fair that i should have the only team on a weekend rotation to support our guests and struggle throughout the week...... thoughts are appreciated..
is your team the only team on a rotation? what about cashiers? cart attendants? hardlines? softlines? backroom? logistics? i would not have them using your pricing hours unless they are actually scanning pricing, as that affects your productivity numbers if they are just sales floor coverage. but technically, they can be scheduled whenever. best practice doesn't matter in this situation, its the etl/stl's call. all they'll do is schedule them under salesfloor if you fuss. every team in our store is on a weekend rotation, except the pricing team leader, who, amazingly, is NEVER scheduled on the weekend. they tried it last year, but she just gave away her hours or called in each time. so now they don't schedule her at all.
Our pricing team is not on the weekend rotation, but every single other team is. What sucks is that the plano team has enough tm's that they work about one weekend every other month. My team has 2 regular tm's. Do the math.
Besides people who aren't able to work Saturdays or Sundays, at my store, the Pricing TMs, Presentation TMs, a HRTM, and the Reverse Logistics TM, are never scheduled to work weekends. The Pricing TL and Presentation TL (two seperate TLs) both do have to work every other weekend though, from 5am - 1:30pm, under Salesfloor hours.
That started in ae10 with pog tl & patl working weekends. At my store, not happening due to no hours.
We are not there yet either with weekend rotations, but, plano is the new salesfloor dayside team...and pricing is kept out of huddles, smart and mid-day, and any guest service breaks.
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