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Oct 13, 2020
Hello. Before I get started I would like to inform every reader that I used to be a seasonal team member back in 2019. Alright here we go.

I’m going to try to narrow down everything so that this thread isn’t too long.

So I came back to Target as a regular employee just last month as a “full” team member, instead of seasonal due to me quitting my previous job.
In the first month of working at this new location, I’ve been receiving quite a lot of coaching. I’m just wondering, it’s normal to be a receiving a lot of instruction right? Let me get into depth with this now.

Team Leads have told me my performance can be improved if I did this better, or made sure I zoned before I left; and believe me I taken those instructions! But the worst one I have gotten anxiety over was when I was talking to a new worker. A closing lead once told me to stop talking and get back to my area, which I did! Note; he pulled me aside and told me that. I’ve taken mental notes to do better and be fast-paced at my job.

I also need help understanding this: it’s normal for multiple TL’s to be telling you what tasks you have to do? I got coached by my ETL about not zoning my area once bc I was told to zone another’s area in style by the closing TL. The instructions are inconsistent. I’m too shy to say things to my E/TL’s because they’re going to think they’re excuses. So I just make sure I take mental notes and do better next time.

I also hit my fifth twice and i’m for sure gone if I hit it again. No need to talk about that😭😂.

But does being a previous employee effect this for my 90 days!? Like I have just about two months left until the 90 days ends so I’m scared they’ll fire me for poor performance or even after my two fifths!. I need tips and feedback.

-Ken// Specialties.
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May 9, 2020
Take your breaks lol, but seriously if they notice anything bad especially something as noticable as meal compliance they will pick out everything wrong because they feel they have to keep an eye out for you to make sure everything is going as should. Dont be afraid of talking to your etl/tl about plans changing, or concerns about not finishing your workload. If they see you trying to improve thats step 1.


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Apr 17, 2019
Did you explain to your TL the reason you didn't get to zone your area? There are sometimes conflicting instructions or expectations between one's department TL and the closing TL. It's also sometimes expected that even if you are told to do something else, that you will complete your regular duties as well. But sometimes that's just not possible, lol.

Going forward, communicate with the closing manager about what you were and weren't able to accomplish. Hopefully your TL lets the closing manager know what's expected so that you don't get derailed too much.