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Nov 27, 2013
I was hired on the 25th as a seasonal cashier, received a day of training yesterday which involved me reading that damned manual and shadowing a cashier for a few hours, and then cashiering for maybe 15 minutes.

I think i've got a handle on scanning, bagging, checking them out if they are using cash or DEBIT, and asking about redcards, etc.

However i still have a LOT of questions that i hope some of you more seasoned cashiers can help me with.

Accepting a check as payment - what is the process for that?

Redcards - How to issue both credit AND debit versions and WHEN in the transaction to scan the pamphlet.
Selling a DEBIT redcard - do you put the check in the check reader? how long does it stay there? at what point do you give it back to the guest?
Selling a CREDIT redcard - what is the process for that? (i'm especially confused about what to do with the I.D.)

Gift receipts - Just what to do if they want one, and also what products should i ask them if they want one for?

Giftcards - How to issue one, and how to accept one as payment.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as my first legitimate shift without a trainer is a 10 hour shift on black friday and i'm freaking out inside.


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Aug 14, 2012
Hello, I'll answer what I can, I don't cashier full time, and someone else will gladly fill in what I missed.

1. For Checks: Hit K2. Put the Check in the reader the proper way. You should see a green light. Hit K1 and the check will process. A guest CANNOT write a check for over the amount due in order to get cash back. Tip: People with checks are easy Redcard targets ;)

2. I know no way to issue both at once, besides doing two applications. Personally, I do the application when I'm done scanning all items and before hitting total, but I've seen different methods used by different people (anyone give me a hand here?)
For Debit: Yes. Make sure you hit TOTAL (is it?) so you can see the prompts. Check will go through the machine,void, give back to guest. Guest will need iD here as well. For Credit, Hit total(?) to see prompts and you will see when to scan ID, Some can be tricky and you my need to hand key info.

3. Just Hit K6 for every item they want a gift receipt for. Then when you hit total, ask them if they want one OR one per item.

4. Issuing:Scan it, and ask the amount they want on it.
For Payment: Hit total and scan the gift card, the amount on the card will be credited to the amount due. If a balance remains, give gift card back and tell guest how much they have left (Look on their receipt for balance)

Don't be afraid to ask your GSTL,LOD,TMs or us if you have any other questions. They and we are here to help!

Black Friday tip: accuracy over speed. Don't be too slow, but a guest will appreciate accuracy over speed....most the time. And most importantly, BREATHE.

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Jun 10, 2011
Welcome to The Break Room!

GlobalJ nailed it. There is one thing I will add - if the register prompts you for ID, scan the matrix barcode (the one that looks like a bunch of dots rather than lines). If the ID has a magnetic strip, it may be easier to swipe it instead.
Jun 8, 2011
Welcome! You will be ok.
This may help to:
Primary duties:
-Assisting guests with transactions, price queries, CIHYFS
-Promoting Target credit & check cards
-Zoning/stocking front lanes, picking up strays/hangers, assisting with restroom check-ups
-Assisting on sales floor when needed

-Get your gear stowed & make sure you have your name badge ON when heading to the lanes. When clocking in, remember that the time clock may let you do so up to 5 minutes before your actual shift start time. Be on the lanes by your actual start time.
-Check in with your GSTL/GSA to see whether you need to cover someone's break or lunch or help with tasks (picking up strays, emptying hangers, stocking lane supplies, etc).
-Once on your lane, make sure your bag holders are filled, you have a spare roll of receipt & coupon paper, ample change, a pen & your equipment is up & running. Turn on your light (not the blinker) to let guests know you're open. If you don't have anyone in your lane, step out to watch for approaching guests.
-If an issue arises that you can’t resolve, use the help button on your register to notify the GSTL. Specify as much as possible so they can resolve the issue quickly. If they don’t come quickly or if they’re logged out of the PDA system, you’ll need to turn on your blinker.
-In between guests, remove strays decorating your sidecaps/endcaps & keep them zoned, replenish supplies as needed, check your drawer for needed change & put in requests BEFORE you run out.
-Let your GSTL know if you need to step away from your lane for a restroom break, drink, etc & turn off your light so you don't return to a line of angry guests.
-If asked to complete a restroom check, take a broom, dustpan & several rolls of toilet paper to the restroom. Sweep the floors, flush toilets, wipe down surfaces as needed, fill toilet paper holders, tamp down trash & push the number "1" on the indyme button under the farthest sink. Check off the list on the door & initial.
-Your GSTL will notify you when it's time for breaks/lunch. Note your departure time. GSTLs have a function on their PDA to note when you left & your expected return so no fudging!
-When your shift end time is near & you have a line of guests, turn off your light. You can politely inform approaching guests that your line is closing but your GSTL may ask you to stay a few minutes longer if in the middle of a code one. You have the right to decline (if you have an appointment or valid reason why you must leave right then but it isn't required).
-Make sure your lane is zoned & stocked before you go. Exit the lanes & clock out before getting your stuff to go. Let your GSTL know you’re leaving.
-If you are closing, you will be expected to stay & help zone. Once the front end is done, you may be sent out to SF to help them zone. This may vary according to stores.
-When walking out after closing, leave in groups if not pairs. Think safety!


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Jun 10, 2011
Welcome to The Break Room.

Remember accuracy over speed.

Ask questions if you're not sure.

If somebody starts pushing you about coupons or change, shut your drawer and turn on your light.

Just breath, you'll do fine.


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Jun 9, 2011
These guys all nailed it.
Most important is what Commie said: accuracy over speed.
Work on accuracy first so you get a rhythm & routine down. With repetition comes familiarity. With familiarity comes confidence & speed will come naturally.
If you try to go for speed first, you'll make more mistakes & that slows you down even more. Having to stop & fix mistakes also throws you off your routine so accuracy first!
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