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Answered New GM! Just Finished Training...

Jul 17, 2020
Hello everyone! I'm a new GM expert in Food and Beverage. I finished my two training shifts and am set to work a 6AM shift later this week for the first time since the training.
During training, they had me learn cashier for my first day due to some problems instead of GM. Then my second shift, I was finally showed how to mainly push with an hour dedicated to pulling.
My trainer pretty much told me which carts were for push/pull and told me what to do on the spot. I'm nervous I'll get to work and stand there blankly without a clue of what to do. During my training, my trainer and other employees just had me push, pull, and clean. I'm still shaky on how to use MyDevice but I hope to pick up on stuff pretty quickly.
But, I have a question if you don't mind! I'm sorry if it sounds really dumb, but I'd like to get it all clear.

When I come in at 6AM later this week, do team leaders typically show up and assign you what you're supposed to do?
I came in at 8AM for my training shifts, but I was never shown to a team leader. I was just sent off to my trainer and followed her instructions for my entire shift.

Also...I was extremely unclear on the 'One-for-One' process? It wasn't explained to me that clearly as it seemed we were in a rush. If anyone could explain the process of using the MyDevice, it'd be extremely helpful! I understand if it's too difficult to put into words.

Thank you for those who answer my questions! It's a small question but I'm genuinely just nervous and scared for my first day.
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Sep 27, 2018
1. Don’t be nervous, we were all new at one time and have your back
2. Ask questions, uncertainty is uncomfortable, if you ask questions till you get clear answers you will be more confident. There is lots to learn, master one thing at a time.
3. Keep in mind that guests always take priority- you are there to help them. When there is not a guest to help, then-
4. Most days the same routine :
Punch in, sign out equipment, get reshop at guest service, zone your area while putting the reshop away and collecting items from other areas to return to guest service, drop and pull 1:1 (MANCAF BATCH) - push 1:1, push truck, backstock excess.
In time, you may learn Salesplanners/pricing.
5. The zebra takes practice - the more you use it the more that you will know what it can do for you

One for One (1:1) is the way we create a batch of items to remove from the backroom that will fill empty space on the sales floor. Drop by scanning an item from the dept, hitting EXF, tap the blue fill group, (ex: fill SNACK)
May 8, 2020
Get to know everyone and especially find some people who have been at Target for a long time and can give you cool tips and tricks. Break out of your area in time and try to learn how different parts of the store work as well! This doesn’t necessarily mean working a shift, it could just be in conversation. Good luck!