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Nov 24, 2011
Greetings everyone I'm new to the forum. Had a question for anybody that has experience in or knows Hardlines. Was hired Nov 1 for backroom and trained as a backroom tm but was scheduled for Hardlines on Tuesday and also for tonight starting at
1130-130p tomorrow. I dont know why i've been assigned to hardlines since i dont even know the whole store and am a way better backroom person. Wanted to know if anyone with any insight or hardlines experience could give me an idea of what to expect to be doing tonight especially with the large crowd and how to deal with it. Any advice is helpful, thanks all and happy thanksgiving everyone!
greetings and salutations.
Deep breaths and enjoy the flames.
It only gets better from here.
Welcome! And happy thanksgiving to you too! Often when seasonal is hired the store will try and "phase" you around to fill up the schedule. Some departments need more help and/or are short that day. For instance some of our new backroom guys are sales floor, but are there if backroom gets behind or needs help. Flow team often does Cashier shifts as well. I would ask your ETL-LOG about staying in the back if that's where your truly comfortable, don't blame ya! :)
Judging by the time, as Ludwig said, you will Be a filler on salesfloor, you maybe just pushing cafs & helping guests. Have your ad with you. Don't expect to get a PDA. Price scanner can tell you where things are. Ask for a radio, so that you can get help when needed.
Good luck!
Much much appreciated Ludwig3 and Hardlinesmaster, I was pretty much at a loss until u guys provided such great feedback. Feeling a lot better about going in tonight knowing what I know now.
Welcome to the forum!

Your store might allocate hours into that department for different things, check with you HR team and ask them what you will be doing. My store will use that work center to assign the Sales Planner people that specifically come in and set endcaps, and as a backroom TM you might be the one that gets to pull all of those batches.
So, if your HR team is there ask them, otherwise find your TL to see what you will be up too!
HaHa I had a feeling those would be some good areas to try and stake out, ill see if i can get em'. Unfortunately we dont have a p-fresh as of yet, gettin it soon. Would've loved to station there for most of the night.
Great! Thanks a lot Scram ill have to grab my TL since she always seems to be on the move and get a rundown of what she wants and how to do it.
Advice coming to you from a fellow Backroom Team Member, here are the advantages:

1. Hours are usually there when you need them
2. There is almost little to no contact with guests
3. You will have slow periods at times (but not until after December-Early January)
4. During downtime in the backroom (closing shifts mainly), feel free to listen to music, text (shhh.... don't let this be seen by and LOD or ETL), etc... just be sure you make it look like you're working, zoning is good way to pass time.

5. You don't really have to attend smart huddles, you can, but are not required

So hope that has given you some insight.

P.S.- BEWARE the freezer, once you get the chance to back-stock it, you will know what I mean lol
good luck tonight! I'm one of the few that absolutely love this day.. i think it's so much fun! What time do you go in?? if you get there before 12 i'm sure you'll have a little huddle and they're go over things with you. If not, try and get a walkie and an ad and you'll be fine!
Thanks a million RedandKhaki that def eases the anticipation of goin in and gives me some comfort. I go in for 1130 tonight should be enough time to get a feel of what to deal with.
yeah, you should be fine! don't stress and just try and have a good time. this day will go by so fast for you and then it's over until next year! Let us know how it goes. =)
I'm a little nervous because i'm the gstl at open tonight and i'm not a gstl.. lol. should be amazing!
Wanted to take the time out to thank everybody for the feedback and words of encouragement. Black Friday was pretty fun for the first 5 hours lol, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected and then it was over. Hope it went well for everybody else who took part in it.
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