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Former Perishables Assistant
Jun 14, 2013
Hey everyone!

I'm definitely not new to retail (going on about 5 years of one place or another) but new to the Bullseye. I'm about 2/3 of the way through my initial 90 days. I work at a relatively new PFresh store, opened early this year, so basically my whole store is a "new" team. Some are transfers, but still have to get used to new fellow TMs and a new ETL team.

So far I love it (most days) and seem to be getting good feedback from TLs and fellow TMs. I primarily am a hardlines TM but have done cashiering and often come in early mornings to unload the PFresh truck. Honestly I love the PFresh truck and our PFresh team members always love seeing me there cause they know I'll actually pay attention to dates and not overstock. And I just help them out in general.

Like I said, so far I'm liking this job, we'll see how it continues to go.
Not open for further replies.