ny union vote today

who do you think will win. its said that the results will be by midnight.
and which side are you on..yes or no to the union.
so many stories floating around, for one is that target threatened to closed the store if they unionized


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I'm sure everyone here knows which side I'm on but if not ...
pro union.
From what I've read the union folks are too afraid to speak out so it's really hard to get a good read on how many there are. Can't make a call on that.
If Target shuts down the store the Feds can actually go after them if it can be proved that the store was successful and the only reason they shut down was to get rid of the union.


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The way I see it...

  • People who view Target as a career our at least long term job, vote yes.
  • People who view Target as a job 'til something better comes along, vote no.

Personally I had a good experience with the union I worked under (UFCW) during my years in the grocery industry, so if the ballot came to me I would vote yes.

Do I think it will pass in NY? That's a tough one, unions have always been big in the North East, but, it really depends on the demographic at that particular store.. The fact that it has come to a vote makes me think that odds are in favor for unionization.
People think having a union will guarantee them 40 hour work weeks even in January. A union doesn't control store's payroll it just takes more money from your paycheck. People also think unions will get them higher yearly raises, think again, it won't stores are still governed by sales and bottom line. People think a union will keep them from getting fired, it won't unless you were wrongfully fired but you don't need a union for that anyway. You can still be fired with a union for calling out, ncns, lateness, attitude problem, etc. but you knew that.


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As somebody who was wrongfully fired by Target, let me say that having a Union is almost a necessity due to the legal bills. I paid my attorney $250 an HOUR.

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Why would you pay an attorney $250 an hour to fight for a job that pays about $8-18 an hour. I'm sure you have your reason why you think you were wrongfully fired and probably so, but you get my overall point.
Why would you pay an attorney $250 an hour to fight for a job that pays about $8-18 an hour. I'm sure you have your reason why you think you were wrongfully fired and probably so, but you get my overall point.
Doesn't make a lot of sense to me either... not sure how he managed to afford it.
You gotta know the back-story.
Fighting for your principles doesn't come cheap.
Right, but just time doing initial research, fact checking, etc. I would think is a solid couple hours of work. Then you add in document prep, legal filings, etc. I mean we're talking a few grand in charge before you even get to talking to opposing council, trial, etc.

Back-story be damned, principles be damned, how do you toss out a couple grand in fees without a job? Esp. when the job you DID have maybe netted you an annual income of 25k?


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I'll leave that to Talan for the details. The upshot was that he was wrongfully terminated, he fought for reinstatement & won.
If you asked the average employee if there was anything they could do to give themself a better chance of not being unfairly terminated or harassed in the workplace, a better chance of getting more work hours, a better chance of getting a bigger raise, a better chance of getting lower benefit premiums with better benefits coverage, etc. most people who jump at the opportunity
It's such a shame that people aren't made more aware of the obvious benefits and improvements that come from belonging to a union, especially for the lower and middle salary employees.
i'm pretty disappointed with the way this site is being run since certain posts seem to be disappearing.
Hopefully people will become more educated about unions, then realize that it's democrats that are for unions, and vote that way so that unions can be easier to join and organize.