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Aug 16, 2011
Has any other store been hit with the most random Online Only stuff? Various CDs, furniture, electronics stuff, pens, etc. I'm definitely not complaining as I have been getting stuff on the cheap, but why is this? Are they clearing out DCs?
We get 6 laptops at my store. Buy online, 6 laptops for 2k each, then return them for 2k at the store. Try to buy them at the store for 1k ea, a big profit of 6k, then they sell them online after that.
Sorry! We figured it out, we will not sell the laptops back to you today, maybe in 3 weeks, at 1750.00 ea.
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We had somebody who went ugly dress shopping online and we got 8 butt ugly (color and style) bridesmaid/type dresses one night. We get a lot of odd colored dresses but I have gotten a few great deals on clothes (I don't think we have a lot of electronics returned) but I always wait the 15 minutes I was told product has to be on the floor.
A lot of ipod accessories hadn't dropped into the system before the reset. Any inventory not up in the steel kept getting SIM and put on clearance endcaps. I would just take it off the endcaps, stick in the boat for a week or two, if it doesn't drop into the system, then I'll give it to the Pricing TL.

No one gets a sweet deal but me!:buba:
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