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Jun 12, 2012
So we just launched PFresh three weeks ago. At the moment the order keeps going back and forth from me (CTL), my ETL-HL, our support help ETL, and back to me again. I tend to be the more restrictive of the group by only ordering what I need until the next order day...while the other two tend to order like were stocking up for a hurricane. Unfortunately our Produce cooler is rather small and even with my very restrictive order we cannot backstock it all on the delivery day and it winds up sitting on a pallet or flatbed for a day or two until room is freed up. Obviously something isnt working the way it should be since the main rule of PFresh Logistics is everything has to be located immediately. My question is what are some tips on ordering to keep our backstock as minimal as possible while keeping enough to prevent holes on the sales floor?
Biggest thing I can suggest is, don't forget to place an order...... I.E. don't do what our ETL- HL and CTL did this past week...... Idiots, I have working in my store...
They forgot to order, so they are idiots? I am sure that is how you will feel until you forget to order, at which point you will have some really good excuses.

You really are an STL in making, aren't you?
It was recommended to us that we purge the meat cooler the night before a pfresh delivery. This is only possible when your backstock is at a manageable level in the first place, but once you get the ball rolling it becomes easier. Just LOCU the locations that store fresh meats (since they expire fastest) and push them out to the floor. Fill the shelf as much as you can, so that the pfresh delivery isn't putting the new food on top of older food.

This really helped our rotation and QMOS levels. The same could be done with produce, but our store hasn't had the hours for that yet.
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