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Jun 25, 2011
Hey all, long time reader, first time poster!

I'm the signing team member at my store and next March we are going PFresh (currently P09). I've been told to order fixtures that we'll need for the remodel but no one at my store knows what extra things we'll need.

Was just wondering if anyone who just went through the remodel needed extra things that wasn't sent for it.

Thanks in advance!
Sanity, patience, and common sense?
I'm still getting stuff we had to backorder for the remodel 6 months ago so trying to do it ahead might seem like a good idea but you don't know what's not going to be available.
The important thing is getting a good system for ordering when the remodel starts.
Get some stickies and a list. Whenever a sign is missing and needs to be ordered, tag the spot on the wall and mark it when you make the order.
That way you can show them you are on top of the ordering.
if its next march i would not worry just because they send you tons of fixtures..yes their will be some fixture where they dont send enought but that something you will find as you are going threw the remodel...
best advice is with the fall resets will be a perfect time to organized youself if their are fixture missing when reseting a dept make sure you order them and if you have more than what you need dont throw them ..keep them because the company expects for you to have that supply when ever you go threw remodel next for instance last year i remember in January when the company did a label holder transition, they send tons of label holder strips ..and team leaders where reponsible for putting up the new label strip holders...well as you guess it most TL did not put the new ones up for their areas and so time went by and those new label strip the company send in january got when ever we went threw remodel we where running out of label strips that where sent in remodel supply as we order more, then we receive an email saying why are we ordering more if we where send "x' amount of label strips back in january...

so make sure you used the supply the company gives you for dept reset...and make sure you have it up where it needs to be...
i am still a streater store. i was told possibly we would be getting all new gons? anyone gone thru this and got new gons? we start remodel next june. cannot wait. i have also been told the signing steel will have to go into the fixture room? this true? our fixture room contains HL and SL. and SL is a mess on a good day. No room for 8-12 of signing steel in there? ideas? i have been cleaning house on a regular basis. still way to much stuff in there.
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