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Jun 8, 2012
I am not yet certified but will be starting crossover training into pharmacy in a few weeks. Anyone know what the paygrade is for pharmacy or the usual pay that make? :huh:
I just answered this in the chatbox but PG13 is 3 dollars above base pay.
Pharmacy cross-training results in no additional pay increase.

If your primary workcenter switches to pharmacy, and you mainly work pharmacy shifts, you will get a promotion and pay increase.
If you're just trained to backup tech/cashier, it's nothing additional.
My ETL told me my pay will increase as I will eventually be going full time, for the beginning they want me to be a mix of hardlines and pharmacy.
If you are tech, you will get paid more. Cashier without tech status, no change. If I was cashier, wNted changed, go to to pharmacy & get certified.
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