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Playing Music In Target?

Would You Want Music Playing In Target?

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    Votes: 161 58.5%
  • Heck no

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Scary Socialist
Oct 24, 2013
longggg shot, but does anyone know a song where one of the lines ends with a word that sounds like "theoretical" or "hypothetical" or something? it's sung by a woman, fast beat, processed/layered vocals, probably a rock song but I never manage to hear enough of it to be sure...

Aug 22, 2013
sadly no! :( it's higher-pitched & sounds like it's only one vocalist, i think- as if her voice is layered over itself? also, it's definitely either a five-syllable word or a five-syllable phrase that i'm hearing, though i'm not 100% sure it's actually "theoretical." and more of a rock sound than pop. (IMO)
Aug 22, 2013
(i've gone through multiple playlists AND about half of this exact thread by now, lol, and i'm starting to feel like i dreamed this song... but it plays SO OFTEN and i just never get lucky enough to step away and try to figure it out. AAAAAA. i really like it and the tune gets stuck in my head so i'm dying to find it!)


Reach Truck Rodeo Clown
Feb 28, 2018
Just out of curiosity, does anyone work at a target where they play music in the store? If not why? I've actually had several guests ask about that. I'd really like them to do that because especially at night when there's not a lot of people it get so quiet when I'm working and I hate it. Lol maybe it's just me. Thoughts?
Imperial Death March?
Dec 30, 2015
Some instrumental version of that song "my baby don't mess because she" plays frequently in my store.
Dec 23, 2014
They definitely changed the mix this week. I didn’t hear I Feel Love once tonight, so they either removed it or cut back on the frequency. Also head remixes of Stayin’ Alive and I Love Rock N’ Roll.
Dec 8, 2017
I heard an old school rap song today, similar to Run DMC. Couldn't hear it clearly enough to identify it, but it was a nice surprise.
Jan 27, 2020
Not a fan unless I get to pick the playlist.

However, I suspect Spot would be fine with my musical tastes.

I think I posted this one before but here is a short playlist for a quiet afternoon.

Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde

Rawhead & Bloody Bone - Siouxsie and the Banshees

I was a Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps

Trick or Treat - The Nekromantix

Silver Tongued DevilDeadbillys

Vampira - The Misfits

Black Ghost - The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Michael Meyers - The Meteors

Dementia 66 - My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult

The Black WidowAlice Cooper

Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Bahus

VampireBif Naked

Dark NightThe Blasters


Don’t Fear the ReaperBlue Oyster Cult

Thrill Kill – The Damned

Looking At the Invisible ManThe Dead Weather

Sister of NightDepeche Mode

Death of Jonah HexGhoultown

The Hellfire ClubImelda May

SpiderbiteJerry Cantrell

Hammer HorrorKate Bush

Love like BloodKilling Joke


Long Hard Road Out Of HellMarilyn Manson

The Call of KtuluMetallica

Cannibal SongMinistry

The Curse of MillhavenNick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Scaretale Nightwish

Dead Man’s PartyOingo Boingo

Going To HellThe Pretty Reckless

Transylvanian ConcubineRasputina

Werewolf BabyRob Zombie

Mommy’s Little MonsterSocial Distortion

Ghost of Stephen FosterThe Squirrel Nut Zippers

The Ghost of VicksburgThe Stone Coyotes

Werewolves of LondonWarren Zevon

I, ZombieWhite Zombie

Cannibal FamilyThe Wolfgangs

The Devils Den - Skrillex

Honey White - Morphine

Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck - Run The Jewels

Spit out the Poison - Skindred

Dark Nights - Dorothy

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Lmao , you need some anti capitalist folk punk music ha ha ala mischief brew et all