1. B

    Turn up volume for in-store speakers

    So our speakers that play the new announcements are extremely quiet and no one can hear them. So we've been blasting them through the walkies but that makes it all distorted. It's never been a problem because our store is not renovated and we do not play music, so just our closing announcements...
  2. K

    Sales Floor Song Info

    In December 2019, I heard a song in a DC area target store electronic instrumental drums horns and xylophones (upbeat) from the description artist/title?
  3. D

    Can Target F-off with that "I Feel Love" song

    we all know the music at target is mostly pretty bad. I hear every song an average of maybe 2 or 3 times a week. hell I get the pleasure of hearing The Cure maybe once a month. but jesus we have to put up with "that" sont every single hour?? it's not even a good song. its f**kin garbage. I'm...
  4. J

    Entertainment pulls

    Our entertainment department reset the week of 10/13. As aisles revise weekly, products lose a sales floor location. For some reason the Dept. 12 and 59 items are dropping back into batches after being back stocked. This should not happen as the have no sales floor capacity. Is anyone else...
  5. S

    I like how Target stores have music in the restrooms.

    All public restrooms everywhere should have music playing inside. And it should be loud enough to drown out the sounds of people using the restroom. Most other stores don't have speakers in the restrooms.
  6. S

    Music at my store kept cutting off at my store during a certain song and the PA speakers went "ding".

    This was a time at my store this morning when the music cut off the PA speakers went "ding" music came back on cut off again and the PA speakers went "ding". This kept happening throughout a certain song. It would cut off and the speakers would ding. An employee was jokingly saying that someone...
  7. very salty mocha

    Overhead music playlist

    Is there an official playlist for the songs playing? Some songs I’d wanna get to know the name of and was wondering if coporate has an official playlist for them?
  8. S

    Three sources of music

    My store has music from three sources. The overhead music played throughout the store, the music played in entertainment, and the music played out of the televisions in the electronics.
  9. S

    Does your store play music throughout the store now?

    My store just started playing music throughout the store.
  10. RandomTeamMember

    Playing Music In Target?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone work at a target where they play music in the store? If not why? I've actually had several guests ask about that. I'd really like them to do that because especially at night when there's not a lot of people it get so quiet when I'm working and I hate it. Lol...
  11. Greenandred

    Overhead music

    Apparently, Spot is changing its stance on background music and it is being expanded. My store is about to get a remodel, so it sounds like we might be getting some tunes.
  12. Flabbergasted

    Meghan Trainor surprises shoppers at Target

    This looked like fun. Wonder whose store this was??
  13. M

    Adele is seriously stressing me out

    In small doses she's great. People react strongly to her powerful voice. Thats what makes her famous, I get it. But seriously someone COULD have considered the impact of forcing employees to listen to that over and over all day long. My body is reacting the same way as it does when hearing a...
  14. M

    Entertainment Team Member?

    I've worked for Target approximately 9 or so years. I've been in Electronics the whole time. I became the Entertainment Specialist after a year, which eventually transitioned into Entertainment Team Member. I do all the revisions, sales planners, and street dates for the area. When I have...