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Jun 10, 2011
On Saturday (Nov. 5) one of the service desk TMs noticed that a gift receipt she printed for a guest after a completed transaction had an expiration date of that day on it (11/5). When she examined the original receipt (the purchase was made that day) she saw that it had no expiration date on it at all. We started watching the receipts we printed closely after she caught this and they were all coming out with no expiration date on the standard receipt or the gift receipt if it was generated at the bottom of the standard receipt. If you made a gift receipt after totaling out it would have an expiration date of that same day on it. She called it in and was told it was a known universal problem and they were working on it but didn't really offer anything useful about how to handle the problem. This came up shortly before I left and I didn't work on Sunday. I expected that we might have received some kind of communication on it by today but I didn't hear anything and didn't have time to ask anyone. Did anyone else have this problem? I'm just nervous about how this will affect returns from that day.
I called when a guest who just checked out pointed it out & was told the exp date doesn't print if there's electronics in the transaction but would if the trans has NO electronics purchased. The reason was to prevent confusion since electronics purchases are good for 45 days only compared to the standard 90-day for non-elec purchases.
The gift receipt thing IS a universal issue they're trying to fix. I'd try to scan one if you get the chance to see if it gives you the "receipt expired" message or not.
Just as a quick sidenote, not all electronics items are 45 days, just cameras, camcorders, ereaders, tablets and netbooks. All other items are still 90 days.
It happened on Sat. with a guest I rang up. She bought only a toy and a card.
Way weird. I guess the furor from & Missoni finally died down enough for them to generate a new problem.
Look on the back to see if it has that policy on it. They did change the font and wording on it too.
Look on the back to see if it has that policy on it. They did change the font and wording on it too.

Ohhhh, yeh. They made a BIG deal about switching out receipt tape last month because it had the new policy printed on the back.
Still doesn't explain the glitch on gift receipts, tho.
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