Resources for Humans (An HR Thread)

The best part about being an ETL HR was that it gave me the skills and experience to get an HR job elsewhere.....

LOL, mostly kidding. I loved HR and liked Target. If I didn’t have to be LOD or hadn’t her to relocate to be an HRBP, I’d still be at Target. :)
Glad to hear it's a cushy role. Guess I'm working too hard.
Are you an HRBP? Depends on the market I suppose, but yeah she's having a great time even in the busy urban market she relocated to. She says it's way easier than her ETL assignments.
I feel bad, as the HRTM at my old store was let go last week. I feel bad for the team members there, as I don't the HRTL knows how too many HR functions including payroll. Hear the HRTM position was being reduced to 20 hours a week anyway.