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Shoe Questions!

Discussion in 'Distribution Centers' started by Alduinsdemise, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Alright so I can't be the only person that keeps going through shoes because they wear out so fast! In the last 10 months I've been through THREE pairs of shoes, two tennis pairs and one pair of boots. I work inbound so we're CONSTANTLY moving... >.< SO! Does any one have a good suggestion for quality shoes that will last? What do you wear and how have they held up?
  2. Brahma steel toe sneakers.
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  3. I had a pair of Doc Martens that were great. They were sturdy and had lots of support. They lasted for over two years. Towards the end they were looking kinda shabby and my feet were starting to hurt so I had to let them go . Now, I am wearing sketchers. They are lighter than the Martens but still have lots of support.
  4. I had the same pair probably, and the heel of the sole seperated in about a month :/
  5. Ouch.
  6. I've used both Caterpillar and Keen boots. The Keens are beastly. Almost a year in (mostly OB work) and there's hardly any wear. I also use the Dr Scholls heavy work gel insoles. Could spend all night on the most rickety RC or order picker, and my feet couldn't feel better.
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  7. HardlinesGuy

    HardlinesGuy AP Team Leader

    I've been wearing a pair of Under Armour tactical boots for almost a year now, only moderate wear on them. I always had that problem with sneakers, though. I'd destroy a pair of Converse in 6 months just from going to work and school.
  8. trowa03

    trowa03 Booze Barron

    Danners and some good work insoles tend to last me about a year and some change.
  9. BackroomAlpha

    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    I've been through 3 pair so far this year. I gave up buying expensive shoes because I don't think it matters. We do so much walking that it's only natural for them to wear out. A good running shoe with tough and comfortable insoles work best ive found.
  10. Seems about right. If you work hard you'll go through a lot of shoes. The lazy people doing nothing but specialty functions and talking to OM's all day can probably get by with one pair.
  11. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    I've been through maybe 3 pairs in 4 years at most
  12. I got some wolverine workboots when they were on sale at Famous footwear, I work flow.
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  13. NPC

    NPC 特別な目を開けるためにパトリックを殺す

    Wolverine!!! I think there are deals for Target employees through EHR too. Definitely a tad on the manly side, but in terms of quality, they will last you a lifetime, depending what you get.

    Redwing is great too.
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  14. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    I wear moderately expensive Nike's and use upper tier Dr. Scholls insoles. I'll get back to you in a few months on how they hold up. So far so good. I will add that I only use those shoes for work. Never have them on during days off.

    My feet do get sore, but only so much that it feels like I finished an athletic practice at the end of the day. Not a big deal to me at this juncture and I have little desire to wear boots unless I'm walking up a mountain.
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  15. Bought a "relatively" cheap pair of New Balance. So far they're holding up well. I didn't have much faith in them because of the foam soles, but they've surprised me!
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  16. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    4 months and while still wearable, I've worn down both the shoes and insoles enough to warrant new ones.

    How can I tell?

    Heel pain.

    Lol. I'll take 4 months. I can justify the cost
  17. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    Or maybe it was just the innersoles. Or not.

    Or whatever

  18. Been at my DC for a little over a year and am on shoe pair 3. Number 4 is coming soon
  19. HardlinesGuy

    HardlinesGuy AP Team Leader

    Hell yeah. I seriously can't kill those shoes.
  20. My Wolverine boots are still hanging in there, only part I've managed to really wear out is the tread on the bottom a bit and the laces.