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Is a 16oz cold cup a tall or a grande? I ordered a grande MCF and it came in a 16 oz cup and I was thinking it looked a little small, but didn't say anything. Just wanna know if I got jipped or not! :(
SMALL : Short (8 fl oz)
MEDIUM : Tall (12 fl oz)
LARGE : Grande (16 fl oz)
X-LARGE : Venti (20 fl oz for hot drinks, 24 fl oz for cold beverages)
Formina Sage

Formina Sage

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Oh so only the venti's are larger in a cold size.
Dang... apparently I just have a voracious appetite for sbux


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Here's the cup breakdown for Hot & Cold

The tall & Grande look similar until you put them next to each other. Or you've just been there so long (Like me @_@)


Short - 8
Tall- 12
Grande- 16

Trenta-31 (ONLY Available in iced coffee or teas, NOT for latte, frappuccino, etc)
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Its more for cold because of the whip cream that comes on many of the cold drinks) So you could get 20 oz of a cold drink but you'll end up only with 16-18oz due to the wipped.
Actually, that's not the case. The cup itself should be filled to the top with the drink itself. The domed lid makes up for the size of the whipped cream. Plus, there are hot drinks that come with whipped cream, too (like mochas).