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Jan 24, 2012

I just took over TC and wanted to know what are the dates to place truck orders, as well as the delivery days. Also what would be the cutoff time to place the order?
It should be if you go on workbench, click on Logistics link on the homepage. Then look for the link that says FDC/Rx order.. It should bring you do a screen with a schedule. Then click on the scroll down tab and you should see choices (look for food service). Depending on the store, the days vary for when your order comes in and it's cutoff time to place it by.
Its been a few years since I scanned in Food Orders. But from what I remember (and nothing has changed), the vendor can deliver almost any weekday. But there are certain days where stores prefer to receive Food Orders; usually on non-truck days. At my last store and I think a lot of stores prefer to have the orders arrive on Thursday mornings. So you want to scan everything for your order by Tuesday 4pm. Make sure you don't order more than once a week, the delivery charges are quite expensive just for one truck.

There are some items that will be auto-ordered by the company, chips/drink bottles are delivered on the regular store truck, the ICEE syrup is delivered an ICEE rep

Paper products and supplies may still be ordered through TIPP.

But be sure to check the numbers from the previous week, and what you have and current expiration dates, it will help you think of how much you go through a week.

And it wouldn't hurt to have 1-2 TMs to know how to order either.
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Go to workbench-->food-->Target Cafe. Anything that you need to know about the Cafe will be on that page :)
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