Target expanding to Europe soon

There already is a chain called Target over there. It uses the exact same logo but it’s a different company.
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Oil the Target machine in the USA. This is an American company, America is huge, America will prosper once Biden is dumped, get the US stores up to speed.
Focus on the good $$$ units, up the ante for the good folks, don't cater to the ---- ---- (you fill in the blanks), smarten up and gather a compilation of up and coming SMSA's identify needs and wants and give some better personal service besides the drive up crap. Use some strong demographic metrics in this country and build.
I have a million dollar idea. Target should move into Australia. I bet it would be very succesful over there!

Yeah, Target can expand into Australia and cause lots of confusion. Because then there would be two Target department store chains there and people there will be all confused.
Maybe a small market store like Lidl or Aldi. I just back from Ireland and UK, they are not real big on big box stores. Just small/medium retail & grocery stores.