Target "Nurse-In" to take place on December 28th

Target gave us a pamphlet on this about a year ago. It said to let them feed were they want but if asked then you would suggest using the fitting room and never mention about using the bathroom.
Yes, fitting rooms are the Target approved nursing location. There was an email going around last week reiterating that. Fitting rooms good. Restrooms bad.


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Always happy to see Spot having to deal with the consequences of having trained their staff in policy.
Politely suggesting that if they want privacy that the fitting rooms are available but that anywhere in the store is fine would be the best approach.
We'll see how that turns out.
Only because I don't think Target can be chapped to tell us this: said:
Are special precautions needed for handling breast milk?

CDC does not list human breast milk as a body fluid for which most healthcare personnel should use special handling precautions. Occupational exposure to human breast milk has not been shown to lead to transmission of HIV or HBV infection. However, because human breast milk has been implicated in transmitting HIV from mother to infant, gloves may be worn as a precaution by health care workers who are frequently exposed to breast milk (e.g., persons working in human milk banks).

For additional information regarding Universal Precautions as they apply to breast milk in the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis B infections, visit the following resources:

Perspectives in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Update: Universal Precautions for Prevention of Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis B Virus, and Other Bloodborne Pathogens in Health-Care Settings. MMWR June 24, 1988, 37(24):377–388.
CDC. Recommendations for prevention of HIV transmission in health-care settings. MMWR 1987, 36 (supplement no. 2S):1–18S.
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